Star Wars Launch Bay Opens at Hollywood Studios (Part 1)

The new Star Wars Launch Bay is now officially open to all Guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Replacing "The Magic of Disney Animation" attraction, this new experience features a short introductory films (which lasts only 10 minutes) followed by a series of rooms that include multiple Star Wars props, costumes, interactive games, and a few character greeting areas that allow Guests to meet some of their favorite friends (or enemies) from the popular saga.

Star Wars fans will definitely enjoy walking through the exhibits that are included in the Star Wars Launch Bay; that said, we couldn't help but notice that not a lot of effort was put in theming the rooms (with the exception of the characters greeting areas). Of course, we are all aware of the fact that this is by no means a permanent addition to the park, but just an introduction to something far bigger that will come to the park in the next few years (yes, the Star Wars Land will be an amazing area...).

Those familiar with the layout of The Magic of Disney Animation will absolutely recognize the spaces that were formerly occupied by the interactive games that could be found around the building. The only area that received drastic changes is the former Animation Academy. Take a look around with us:

The refurbished queue includes posters and artworks from all the Star Wars movies:

The first stop is a small theater where a 10-minute movie introduces Guests to the Star Wars universe:

The exit of the theater introduces Guests to the Celebration Gallery:

Here, Guests can see some Star Wars models, props, and artworks:

A portal leads us to the next area:

The former offices have been replaced by more props:

The next area includes some character greeting areas:

Meet a Wookie:

The dark side:

Remember the old interactive game (hosted by Lumiere and Cogsworth)where you could see which Disney character reflected your personality? Well, it has been replaced by a blank wall:

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  1. I can't wait to check out all of the upcoming Star Wars stuff at Hollywood Studios. It's the reason i've been saving my tickets to Disney!