Magic Kingdom Update: Castle Ramps, Skipper Canteen

After long months of construction, we can finally say that we are only a few days away from seeing all areas of the Magic Kingdom hub reopen to park Guests.
Indeed, new railings are still being installed on both sides of the ramps located in front of Cinderella Castle (one continues to remain closed to the public at this time). That's all that needs to be done in the park's central plaza. In addition to that, work continues in other areas, including Adventureland. Let's take a look.

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Park:

The sky looked a little gloomy yesterday:

The hub:

New concrete was poured in front of the west ramp:

This side still features temporary walls on either side:

As mentioned at the beginning, the new railings are finally being installed along the east ramp:

The new castle towers are a great addition to the area:

The new Skipper Canteen continues to take shape in Adventureland:

In addition to the sign, a new flag pole was installed on the right side of the restaurant's entrance:

In Frontierland, the refurbishment of the facade of Country Bear Jamboree is almost finished:

The refurbishment of the Castle Couture facade continues in Fantasyland:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Any changes inside Liberty Tree Tavern? I haven't seen any photos or updates on that.

  2. Am curious to see as well, just how deep changes went in Liberty Tree.

  3. I believe most of the changes were related to a complete renovation of the kitchen.

  4. The railing pillars look awful. The lines are all wrong. Some lines are level and others follow the angle of the ramp. Everything looks out of kilter to me.

  5. Jason, thanks. I've only eaten there a few times, it's been 5+ years since the last. Just nit a big fan of the menu, but that's the case with most of the in park sit downs these days. perhaps the canteen will enliven the offerings a bit.

  6. I agree, the pillars and ramp just look off and not level. I don't know if they wanted to do that or not (can't imagine why they would want to) but it doesn't look good.

  7. Guys, it's a picture of an incline of multiple grades, patterns, expansion joints, and with mendering lines -
    I think there's an asymmetry that is distorted by the camera which your eye would not detect or be so aware of in person.


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