Latest Aerial Images of Orlando's Theme Parks (PART 1)

Just a few days ago, the excellent Nearmap website was updated to include the latest satellite imagery of the Central Florida area. This is great news for theme park fans, as this provides a great opportunity to take a peek behind the walls and check out the work being done on some of Orlando's newest attractions.
This update includes photos of Reign of Kong, Mako, Magic Kingdom's central hub, The World of AVATAR, Disney Springs, Soarin's third theater, and more.


Our first stop will be the Reign of Kong area, located inside Universal's Islands of Adventure:

As you can see, the ride path is clearly visible now, as well as the area's entrance and outdoor queue:

The Incredible Hulk Coaster looked like this back in August 2015:

This is how it looked in November:



The former Twister building is now completely surrounded by walls at Universal Studios Florida:

The vacant plot of land between Man In Black and The Simpsons Ride has also received some important changes. This is how the entire area looked back in August 2015 (notice the green area):

This is how it currently looks:



Some new trailers have been installed on the south portion of this area:

Pieces of The Incredible Hulk Coaster (including the attraction's former marquee) can be found here:

A view of the former NBA City Restaurant at CityWalk:

The new Sapphire Falls Resort is already looking great. Many buildings are now easily recognizable:

The Volcano Bay area doesn't appear to have changed too much. It looked like this in August:

This is how it looked back in November:

This should be the base of the majestic volcano that will soon tower over the new water park:


SeaWorld's new hyper coaster is taking shape at a quite fast pace:

Some of the very first track pieces were installed back in November of this year. Take a look:

Footers can now be seen all over the area:

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