Epcot News: Future World After the Closure of Captain EO

One of EPCOT Center's "classic" attractions is gone again, this time for good.
As reported a few weeks ago, Captain EO is now (for the second time) a thing of the past. The new Pixar Short Film Festival will officially open to park Guests on Friday, December 18, showing three of the very popular Pixar shorts every 20 minutes. Let's take a quick look around Future World while we wait for this new attraction to open. As you will see, there are a few other changes to report.

Welcome to Epcot:

Spaceship Earth continues to pull long lines throughout the day:

Innoventions West is still mostly surrounded by walls:

The "Road to Tomorrow" is now a thing of the past:

The large Innoventions sign was removed some weeks ago from both entrances:

The Sum of All Thrills has reopened inside Innoventions East:

The House of the Future is still sitting unused:

Colortopia has a very nice background music. Be sure to stop by to visit this new exhibit:

The water play area near Test Track is still behind walls:


Ellen and the huge Elasmosaurus are still missing in the Universe of Energy:

Remember that Mission:SPACE recently changed three bays to Orange and one bay to Green? Well, that test didn't work at all. Things have gone back to normal (two Green bays and two Orange bays):

Some minor work is being done on one of the supports of Test Track's outdoor track:

The Imagination! pavilion:

The upside-down fountain has been off for a few days:

Captain EO is visiting other planets:

New banners were recently installed above the entrance of Journey Into Imagination with Figment:

There are only a few weeks left to ride Soarin' before it goes down for a major refurbishment:

Another update covering World Showcase will be posted soon. ¡Hasta la vista!

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. There are far too many empty buildings and unused rooms for a Disney theme park.

  2. What a sad empty shell of its former self.

  3. What still exists is, in my opinion excellent, however far too much has been removed. There's only so much tweaking of the current condition (which includes all the work on Soarin') that they can do before investing in something major to bring Futureworld back to life.

    Here's hoping Colortopia is a small hint at what's to come.

  4. Any idea if Epcot will have their "surprise" early openings again this Christmas week? That was really fun last year, being in a nearly empty park. Thanks!

  5. @Last Anonymous: It's interesting that you mention that, as we were recently told by some of our sources that "Surprise Mornings" are not planned to return to Epcot this year due to low attendance (very few people knew about this offering, as it was not advertised anywhere).

  6. So sad, Epcot needs a billion dollar invest and fast... and even that might not even put a dent in this sad (once great) park :(

  7. That old proposed "Weather Pavilion" should replace the old Wonders of Life building and put an E-ticket attraction in it, and reopen body wars with only a different theme/ overlay, maybe like storm chasers or something !!!

  8. I know its going to happen but a complete overhaul of the Imagination Pavilion, bring it back to its former glory, 2 brand new Pavilions with multiple different rides ranging from B to D Tickets and then an E-Ticket stand alone attraction for Future World. Then for the World Showcase, give Japan their bullet train simulator and add the Switzerland Pavilion with a better more smoother version of the Matterhorn!
    Just wishful thinking but Epcot needs an renovation like this to actually become "worthy" to hold the Disney name

  9. I can see Epcot been Busy from July next year with the Soarin around the world attraction and Frozen.

  10. Going back to the "surprise mornings", the logic there seems pretty questionable. They did literally zero advertising for it, and then were disappointed when no one showed up? If they wanted people there, why not let people know about it? Even the cast members had no idea it was happening. I asked someone at the TTC about it last December, and he said that was absolutely not happening. I was actually starting to doubt it myself, since this site was the only source. Then I arrived at EPCOT, and there it was. In any case, it's a bit disappointing that it's going away. Thanks for answering my question.

  11. Agreed Andy ! Frozen will make the WS packed but future world will still be lacking (even after the much needed upgrade to soaring) Future World needs a new attraction, not an updated version of something already there!

  12. @Anonymous: We apologize for talking a bit too soon, but we actually learned that they ARE, indeed, coming back again this year in some way. On December 25, some attractions will open from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. as a surprise for Guests (the park will officially open at 8 a.m.). We have no other details about this year's version of the Surprise Mornings, though.

  13. Thanks for the update! I'll be at Epcot on the 28th and 30th, so I'm hoping they might have it on those days as well.


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