Animal Kingdom Update: Pandora, Discovery Island News

The largest expansion in the history of Disney's Animal Kingdom continues to bring plenty of changes around the park. While most of the new offerings are planned to open in the upcoming months, Guests visiting the park now will be able to find a few new additions, including the new Riverside Depot store (which opened just a few days ago), the Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks, and more.
Take a look around Discovery Island to see what has changed since last week:

Welcome to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park:

Let's begin by taking a look around Pandora - The World of AVATAR:

A lot of work is being done around the area:

The floating mountains blend well into the environment:

A nice poster with 3-D cutouts has been installed on the wall blocking the future pathway to Pandora:

Discovery Island:

The new Riverside Depot store is now open. Photos of the interior will be shared in another update:

Concrete work is being done near the Tree of Life:

The new stage near Flame Tree Barbecue:

The new Tiffins restaurant:

A peek behind the walls:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer. 


  1. I hope they create a sit-down restaurant in Pandora. Since there will soon be a nighttime show, we will certainly need several more dinner options. The theming could be amazing. I suppose it's a pretty safe bet that they will do this but I haven't seen any mention of it specifically.

  2. Well, I think we will have a QS and a few kiosks in a Harambe style market configuration. Much more flexibility of menu, staffing, seating etc with those formats. A TS instantly locks management in for large fixed infrastructure, longer time horizons, more rigidity for so many things.

    And a TS in this land would just be a stroller magnet/character meal chaos anyway, a demographic which IMHO is not the target of Pandora.
    Pandora is not meant to be a Fantasyland West.

  3. The "Tiffins" restaurant mentioned in this post will be a table-service restaurant. It is not a character meal. Read more here:


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