Universal Orlando Resort Adds New Resort Water Taxi

The Universal Orlando Resort recently welcomed a new water taxi into its fleet, the "Isla Nublar." Named after the famous Jurassic Park island, the new vessel is used to transport guests from select on-site resorts to CityWalk and back. The addition of a new water taxi is especially important now due to the fact that the new Sapphire Falls Resort (which will open next to the Royal Pacific Resort next year) will also provide a free water taxi service to CityWalk and the parks.

The Isla Nublar was officially set off on its "maiden voyage" captained by Eric Sheely. The first stop was Loews Royal Pacific Resort, where guests were greeted with slices of cake and “I’m Celebrating the Maiden Voyage of Isla Nublar” buttons. The water taxi took about 6 months to build.

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