The Magic of Disney Animation Photo-Tribute (PART 1)

The Magic of Disney Animation attraction officially ceased operating on July 12, 2015 after Disney's Hollywood Studios closed its doors to Guests for the day.
This former attraction celebrated some of the most beloved animated movies produced by the Walt Disney Company in the past, while also allowing Guests to preview upcoming movies and to meet quite a few of their favorite characters (including Mickey, Minnie, Baymax, and more). Enjoy this tour of the exhibit:

The first thing Guests saw when entering Animation Courtyard was The Magic of Disney Animation:

Walking toward the attraction:

While the rest of the building was mostly plain, the sign welcoming Guests was quite elaborate:

It's time to enter:

The queue area was also very plain, even though it included some great artworks based on many animated movies including Toy Story, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and more:

The inner courtyard was (rarely) used for special activities:

The first of the multiple exhibits/activities located within the complex was the Animation Theater:

The second door lead to the Story Department:

The third one welcomed Guests to the Character Department:

The Production Gallery included different exhibits throughout the years focusing on the newest movies:

The very last exhibit it hosted was themed after Inside Out:

The Production Gallery began to be used as the "pre-show" area for the Animation Theater in the last few years of operation, allowing Guests to seat down in an indoor environment before each show:

Here, Mushu hosted the "Drawn to Animation" show that helped Guests understand how characters come to life while also giving a glimpse of one the latest animated movies produced by Disney:

The stage was filed with Disney items:

So many details:

Was Disney hinting to the fact that the new Star Wars Launch Bay would fill this space?:

The theater itself was very small:

Here is the full "Drawn to Animation" show:

Moving on:

Guests could take a peek inside two drawing rooms:

Future productions:

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