New Shop Selling Props Opens at Universal Studios Florida

Theme park (and movie) fans will be glad to hear that a new store selling some really interesting movie-themed props recently opened at Universal Studios.
Williams of Hollywood was formerly known as a location where a short Magic Show used to be performed in front of a small audience that would afterward be invited to check out some merchandise. Now, the store sells many unique items, some of which were used in old Universal Studios attractions (such as Twister).

Let's take a look around the store, located in the Hollywood themed area of Universal Studios Florida:

The exterior of the store has not received any major changes:

The old Magic Shop signs have finally been removed from the sides of the entrance arch:

A look inside the small location:

A lot of miscellaneous props and costumes can be found here:

The larger of the three rooms that make up this unique store:

Notice the Wakita sign from Twister - Ride It Out!:

Even more props:

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  1. These "props" seem awfully random.
    Would have liked to see something that had Authenticated Props and Memorabilia.
    Otherwise this just looks like they organized the junk from the closed down Twister Aunt May's House Queue

  2. I like it better as an unique store then a place to make fastpasses like the one MGM/DHS Star Wars park had. I would rather have this shop witch fits the Hollywood theme then another Starbucks. Hopefully the Hollywood street characters will be allowed to walk into the store for even more imerision.


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