Magic Kingdom Update: Castle Ramps, Skipper Canteen

In just a few short days, the expansion of the Magic Kingdom hub will finally be completed. After months of overnight work, the new pathways, kiosks, towers, gardens, and ramps will finally become available to all Guests visiting the park.
For now, the two ramps on either side of Cinderella Castle are still closed, even though they look almost ready. In fact, the temporary walls in front of the two ramps were recently replaced by shrubs that can be quickly removed.

Let's take a quick look around the park together:

Main Street, U.S.A. is always beautiful:

The park's central hub:

The new towers look great. They are definitely a great addition:

Let's now focus on the castle ramps:

The west ramp:

Notice that some minor work still needs to be done between the new columns:

The east ramp:

Work also continues on the new Skipper Canteen in Adventureland:

A look at the building from another angle:

The entrance area is receiving some changes:

Something is also being done in the outdoor patio:

Leaving the area:

In Fantasyland, the refurbishment of the Castle Couture's facade continues:

Cinderella Castle:

Peter Pan's Flight is still closed for a short refurbishment. It will reopen on November 10:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Well I looked but don't see myself in any of the pics! Would be fun coincidence.

    I have to chuckle at the family of blue shirts by the construction wall. We never felt the desire or need to groupify ourselves in the same color shirts, but many families do. Sometimes the choices are amusing, sometimes uncomfortable to view. (What were these people thinking?).

  2. Is it the camera angle or is the East Ramp uneven ? It seems, from the photo, to be all over the place and looks uncharacteristically shoddy for Disney. Can we please have more photos to confirm that it has, in fact, been built properly ?

  3. Bob - I'll bet you a dollar it's been built exactly how Disney wants it.

    Why don't you visit and do the forensic engineering in person.

    That you don't like how something looks, doesn't = shoddy.

    1. I'm the community of Disney experts...err ... Fans, their own opinion from a far is all that matters.

      There are place on the web where 15 pages of forum debate over the loss of pump cheese at cosmic rays. (Apparently its a sign of the coming apocalypse)

  4. I always find it interesting that when taking photos which include random people at Disney World that none of the folks are smiling despite being at "the happiest place on earth." In fact, most look miserable.

  5. @Bob Chelsea - One thing to note, it is my understanding that the "railings" along the sides of the ramps are not yet complete. You can see that the lower ones aren't there at all, and the higher ones are currently just pieces of plywood. I am pretty sure these will eventually be replaced with something that looks a little nicer.

  6. @ Dan Boris
    Thanks Dan.That makes sense and would explain the slightly unfinished appearance.

    However Anonymous's comments about my original post aren't worthy of a response........except for this one.
    So worthy of just one response. Oh ...that's two responses now. So it's not worthy of more than 2 responses not including this one which makes 3. So not worthy of 3 responses..............damn. Was that four ?


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