"Made With Magic" Products Coming to Epcot This Month

Starting November 23, 2015, Epcot Guests can light up the night with a colorful collection of magical accessories (also known as "Made With Magic" products) that include a Mickey Ear Hat, Minnie Mouse Headband, Mickey Mouse Glove, and the Mickey Wand (the wand has the ability to interact and change the light patterns of all "Made with Magic" products). Each of these interactive products is programmed to automatically light up at key moments around World Showcase.

Guests can purchase Made with Magic products at the following locations: Gateway Gifts, kiosk outside of Disney Traders, Pin Central, Mouse Gear, Village Traders, American Adventure Cart, International Gateway and Canada Cart. All products are priced at $25 plus tax.

IMAGE: © 2015 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Do you think they're going to do something similar to Fantasmic or World of Color during Illuminations?

  2. Already being done with Fantasmic.
    This stuff is INCREDIBLY annoying during Fantasmic. Nothing ruins what should be a darkened, performance focused event like blinking slashing lights and stuff being waved around the crowd and in front of ones eyes.

    Madness. Pure $ driven madness.

    I don't go to Fantasmic or the other displays/shows like that to see YOU or your kids - I want to see the show.

  3. Anonymous: At least these light-up products have the by-product of getting kids excited by becoming part of the show. I'll take that any day over people who take cell phone pictures with flashes or who hold up their phone/tablet to record the show (and block the view of other people).


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