I-Drive 360 Update: Checking Out Some Minor Additions

I-Drive 360 continues to grow very quickly, adding more attractions and dining locations on a regular basis (the latest one being the new Eye Glow lounge).
A few weeks ago, we had the chance to go back to I-Drive 360 to walk around the location. As you will see in the following photos, Quite a few new restaurants opened since our last visit, while existing locations received some updates (such as Arcade City and the terminal of The Orlando Eye). Let's take a look.

First of all, The Orlando Eye was displaying a multi-colored light pattern, which looks great:

The Tapa Toro restaurant sits nearby:

Skeletons - Animals Unveiled:

Here you are some photos of the store found inside the attraction:

Back to The Orlando Eye:

A look inside the terminal:

The whole area felt busy. That is an excellent sign, as it looks like many visitors enjoy these attractions:

Just look at this extended queue:

The rest of the area:

Some new LEGO characters were added around the LEGOLAND Florida Resort information booth:

The food court:

SEA LIFE Orlando is still one of our favorite I-Drive 360 attractions:

Some buildings are still vacant:

It looks like the new Cowgirls Rockbar missed a few deadlines in the past. The location is now open:

Other places to check out around the area:

Arcade City received a completely new, themed facade:

It looks great:

More stores and restaurants:

There's more to come...

Thank you for visiting this great entertainment district with us.

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