Hollywood Studios Update: Rehabs and Changes (PART 1)

As the park gets ready to expand, multiple areas of Disney's Hollywood Studios continue to receive attention to add more capacity to existing venues or just to improve the overall look of some structures. As you will see in this update (it has been a while since we posted a three-part photo-report), the outdoor dining area located along Sunset Blvd. was just refurbished, the sign of the new Star Wars Launch Bay was installed, and a few other areas received minor additions.

Welcome to Disney's Hollywood Studios: 

As you can see, a new, temporary stage has been installed in front of the Chinese Theater:

We personally like this new stage, as it does not obstruct the view of the theater behind it:

Actually, the new LED towers have a design that enhance the look of the area:

A closer look at the stage and the equipment used in conjunction with it:

Let's now move on to Sunset Boulevard. As you can see, yesterday was very, VERY busy day:

The majority of the Sunset Ranch Market area is now wall-free:

Catalina Eddie's and Rosie's All American Cafe have reopened to Guests:

It looks like new awnings were installed around the area, as well as new light poles:

This area is now covered:

Flag poles:

We didn't notice any major menu changes:

A portion of the seating area is still closed for refurbishment:

We never noticed that the nearby Fairfax Fare included Spareribs:

The Hollywood Tower Hotel had an extended queue:

The back of Sunset Boulevard:

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