Animal Kingdom Update: Pandora's Mountains Take Shape

There's always excitement in the air when we visit Disney's Animal Kingdom.
While no rides have still been added to the park since the opening of Expedition Everest, this once-dormant park continues to surprise us with a plethora of new entertainment offerings and dining locations, all of which are certainly needed. In fact, a new table-service restaurant and two other quick-service locations are currently under construction, while more than four new "shows" will debut soon.

The table-service restaurant - called Tiffins - is currently under construction behind Pizzafari (which was also recently refurbished), while the two new quick-service restaurants will be located in two separate lands: Pandora - The World of AVATAR and Asia. That's in addition to the brand-new Harambe Market.

The new entertainment offerings will mostly be found around the park's recently-expanded hub (including a themed dance party, a projection show, and the amazing "Rivers of Light" nighttime spectacular), even though some new surprises are expected to debut soon in Africa as well, based on some recent tests.

Let's now take a look around the park to check out what's new. Welcome to Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Some Disney characters greet Guests just outside the park's gates during certain times of the day:

Let's now take a peek at Pandora and its amazing mountain range:

The whole are is finally taking shape:

The floating mountain:

A closer look at what seems to be the tallest mountain:

Some photos of the rest of the structure:

Entering Discovery Island:

The majority of the temporary walls that surrounded the new Riverside Depot store have been removed:

It looks quite nice:

A new light pole was installed in front of the store's entrance:

A new stage was built right next to the Disney Outfitters shop:

The park's hub:

Tiffins continues to take shape in the opposite side of Discovery Island:

A look behind the walls:

By the way, a new image showing Pandora has been installed nearby:


Of course, this is one of the busiest times of the year...

The trunk of the Tree of Life was recently repainted:


We will soon post a separate update focusing on the new Rivers of Light nighttime spectacular:

Primeval Whirl recently reopened after having been down for refurbishment:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Thumper! You never see him! Wish I was there!

  2. When was this visit? Supposedly the last couple weeks are generally one of the slowest times of the year, yet this week one of the busiest.

  3. Our photographer visited the park last Saturday.

  4. Great update.
    Pandora is shaping up to be an amazing visual experience.
    Dino-Rama area makes me want to throw up. Mow it down and put some Disney-class theming in its place.

  5. I agree, Jason! Get rid of Dino Rama.


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