Walt Disney World: Transportation Updates (Oct. 2015)

In the past few months, quite a few transportation changes were introduced at the Walt Disney World Resort, mostly involving the free bus service connecting the parks to the on-site hotels. While you might be aware of some of them (some of these advisories were shared before), we thought it would be helpful to post a general overview of all the newer changes, as they could have an impact on your upcoming visit (especially if you have scheduled everything in advance).

NEW - Traffic Signal Installation on Vacation Club Way
A new traffic signal is being installed this week on Vacation Club Way between the entry to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa and The Treehouse Villas. It will be activated by traffic and pedestrians entering or crossing Vacation Club Way.

NEW - Roadway Construction at Magic Kingdom Speedway Area
Roadway construction will continue in the Magic Kingdom Speedway area for approximately the next 4 weeks. This could have minor impacts on bus transportation during the evening hours.

The Landing Boat Dock Now Open at Disney Springs
The Landing boat dock at Disney Springs is now open. Sassagoula River Cruise transportation to Disney’s Old Key West Resort and Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa and water taxi service has now returned to The Landing boat dock.

Bus Transportation to Winter Summerland Miniature Golf (temporary procedure)
Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is closed for rehab for the remainder of 2015. During this time,
Guests trying to reach Winter Summerland Miniature Golf should do one of the following:
  • Take a bus to Epcot then transfer onto a Coronado Springs bus, which will stop at Blizzard Beach, OR
  • Take a bus to Coronado Springs, then transfer onto a Blizzard Beach bus.
Bus Operations Update for Disney’s All–Star Resort
Service to Disney’s Hollywood Studios from Disney’s All-Star Resort is split to service Sports, Music and Movies separately for the entire day.

Bus Operations Update for Select Hotels in the Epcot Resort Area
Service to Magic Kingdom from Disney’s BoardWalk Resort, Walt Disney World Swan Hotel and Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel is split to service Boardwalk on its own for the entire day, keeping the Swan and Dolphin resorts combined for the full day.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Bus Operations Update
Service to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios from Caribbean Beach is now split to service CB-A side (Martinique, Old Port Royale, Trinidad North and Trinidad South) and CB-B side (Jamaica, Aruba and Barbados) separately. This change is for the morning operation only and will recombine to service Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort as one resort in the afternoon.


  1. This time next year I might be exploring the far reaches of the expanded parking lot. Going to be a loooooong tram ride.
    Maybe they'll surprise us with something different.
    Maybe there will be a no-stroller express tram!

    (a guy can hope right? It's about all we've got left..)

  2. I'm noticing a lot of this type of post lately. (the comment above) OK, so where are you going to park then?!?!? There are only so many front row spaces in the parking lot. You won't be forced to park out in the old speedway area unless the park is that full. Then what?!? Its not like Dinsey has decided that they need to put something else into the front part of the parking lot and because of that the trip to the TTC, or MK is going to have to longer.

    If you get there and there are people who have parked in front of you, then that's where you will park. Same thing goes for lines. If there are thousands of people in front of you in line, they you will get there when you do, and nothing can change that... not fastpass, not anything.

  3. I'm the first poster - not sure what your all worked up about. I simply commented tat I could be out there in the toolies next year. Won't be this year because it's not open. I'm not terribly worried about it, I just point out its going to be a long tram ride. And yup, loading strollers in the trams can be very slooooow because people gotta have big ones now, not the little umbrella types of our child rearing years.

    The reality is that usually we get up in the morning and often are in the first row or two right there by the TTC! Yeah, we're like that - we get up and go! But, it happens sonetimes that we'll swing over to the MK during the afternoon after being somewhere else in the uh, Universe....<<<. so we've been out there in the far lots as well.

    So, yep, we'll park where we have to and walk or ride or jog or dance or skippidty doo da our way to the MK one way or the other.

    Have a magical day!