Temporary Fence Installation at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

A temporary fence is currently being installed around some areas of Disney's Wilderness Lodge. Due to the construction, the nature trail is now closed to allow access to the work area. At this time, all of the resort offerings (other than the nature trail) will continue to remain open and operational for Guests. The fence is currently expected to be completed by Nov. 2. With that, Teton Boat & Bike Rentals, Hidden Springs Leisure Pool, and the beach area will be closed. 

Here's a map showing the areas of the Wilderness Lodge where the fence is currently being installed:

As you might have noticed from looking at the above map, another fence is also being installed along the north side of the resort, but it will not impact any of the resort offerings, other than room views.

IMAGE: ©2015 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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