Pecos Bill Cafe Reopens with New Menu at Magic Kingdom

After a short refurbishment, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe reopened at the Magic Kingdom Park with a new Tex-Mex menu. New entrees include rice bowls and burritos (with choice of beef, chicken, or veggies); fajita platter with steak or chicken; and a Southwest Chicken Salad with beef or chicken. Kids choices now include Smucker's Uncrustables, quesadillas or a rice bowl with choice of beef, chicken, or vegetables. The "fixin's bar" that Guests love is still available.

Here you are photos of just some of the new offerings now available at this Frontierland restaurant:

The expanded "fixin's bar" now features delicious sauces, salsas, peppers, onions, cheese, and more:

Guests can finish their dining experience with mini churros (including dipping chocolate) or sopapillas.

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  1. In shifting Tortuga style food around the corner to Pecos, could be something is going to change at Tortuga. It's a big space, nothing says it has to stay a restaurant.

  2. Do they even sell a cheeseburger in the Magic Kingdom any more??

  3. Just down in August and you can get burgers almost everywhere. Glad to see land specific food. With land specific souvenirs out now, the Magic Kingdom looks to be heading back in time when you wanted to visit certain shops in different lands. I really do hate having the same stuff EVERYWHERE. Leave that for the Emporium and World of Disney. With so many restaurants very crowded, I'm surprised (and not) that they haven't kept Tortuga Tavern and Tomorrowland Terrace opened more. Everytime I go, TT is closed. Would love to try the noodle bowls sometime.

  4. Burgers are NOT everywhere. There will now be only one quick service location that has a burger: Cosmic Rays. You might be able to get one in that sit down on the corner across from Casey's. I can never remember the name of that place.

    Mexican food is not exactly "land specific" for Frontierland - not anymore than a burger, steak, soup, stew, etc. Frontierland is about the great western frontiers - and that extends far beyond the range of "tex-mex" and taco salads. Heck, it might be more realistic to be selling flapjacks, bacon, eggs, and the like. That's the food that fueled the drive west, the food that powered the lumberjacks, etc.
    They didn't eat rice bowls and mixed veg plates.

    On a good note, there is also tease out now about Tortuga going over to BBQ of some kind - so the prospects for real meat are looking up! Maybe there will be camel ribs...

    Best I've seen Tomorrowland Terrace was too many years ago to remember: it was personal pan pizzas, burgers, fries, etc, quite a variety of good ole quick American style fast food. The pizza was, by my extensive experience of the day, lol, straight out of Pizza Hut's kitchen look taste etc. was very good. Could be they had a contract. The place was always packed.

    We don't go WDW for the food - very little of it is special in any way shape or form. But I appreciate the effort Disney puts into feeding the guests, the constant juggling of entitled demanding picky eaters, working to provide for the the allergy laden (and a larger number of pseudo-allergy laden), the trendy social cause eaters, etc.

    If they would just sell REAL full beef hot dogs in Casey's, and use them throughout the parks... its a tragedy. /sigh

  5. At what point will we all have gone full circle and wake up to discover that the more basic food items , like a good old burger, have become such a rarity that they have now become the designer food.
    Are places like Disney in danger of trying too hard to provide haute cuisine that they lose sight of what are actually excellent food staples.
    I rarely eat a burger or hotdog. But I do when I'm in a theme park or some such. It's great. We can get any cuisine by dining in any number of restaurants. Anywhere and at almost at any time. In fact I do just that.
    So Disney don't need to provide anything more for me than good wholesome fare. I know a decent burger joint on the Park would get my vote over a more upmarket venue. How about you ?

  6. I'm with you Bob!

    And we wouldn't need to make a reservation 6 months in advance either.

  7. Give me a good burger and a Nathan's Hotdog..that's all I need at the park! But, until Disney realizes that's all we need, we will continue to pay $50 for lunch and $85 for dinner.

  8. I'm glad the burgers are gone. This isn't Six Flags. It's a theme park and the the food should match the theme. Food is big part of Disney for us, but not so much for lunch. We never eat dinner in MK. Pretty much always Epcot. That's our routine anyway...

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  10. The only time I have Chips(fries) is from the chip shop in the United Kingdom with my fish. The many burger places I go in I mainly have the salad option. When I ate here last in 2011 I had the meat taco and I liked the way you selected your own food from a computer menu,took my quick service credit and was told what queue number to join when I got to the front very quickly my order was ready. Wish all the restaurants at WDW world worked this way. }

  11. "This isn't Six Flags"
    "food should match the theme"

    yeah, ok...

  12. Although I see the benefit of quick service burger counters, for someone who visits from the UK only every few years, dining has become as much a memorable part of the Orlando park experience as the rest of the day. Last visit we loved planning where to eat for our visit to epcot, ending our day at the yak and yeti at the animal Kingdom, dining at the three broomsticks in the wizarding world etc. It's good to see there are more eating experiences becoming available at the Magic Kingdom (last visit 2012) as I felt it was a bit lacking in comparison to other parks.

  13. In response to the other Brits ( yes I'm one too ) : I do agree with you that it's fun to dine at the more upmarket themed establishments. We like to do that too. It's part of the experience. However what I'm saying is that this type of restaurant doesn't need to replace the burger style options.
    Our personal favourites for quick Theme Park eating are the Flame Tree BBQ , Pecos Bills and The Liberty Tree Tavern. All provide decent fare and have a place alongside the more elaborate table service outlets.
    Who can say that they don't have fun building their burger at the fixins bar ? It's part of the American culture and I want to experience that too.

  14. Was one of my fav..was the 1st stop to eat when we go to that they are only serving crap guess we won't be going there!!!!!!why did they change the menu why not just added these items to the it just like hospital food and who wants to eat hospital food..(crap)??????
    I know you don't give a crap but with the tickets changes and the way you are herding the people around with fastpass+ you are taking the fun out of going to wdw, ned to do way to much planning and the stress levels are going up because you are putting time restraints on people and it starts to be like WORK!!!!!! where's THE RELAXATION NOW GONE OUT THE WINDOW..WALT WOULD NOT BE IMPRESS...BUT WAIT YOU ARE ERASING WALT FROM THE PICTURE ANYWAYS!!! Progress is not progress if you forget where you started from...remember you started with a mouse!!!!