New Walt Disney World Annual Pass Options Debut Today

Earlier today, the Walt Disney World Resort introduced new and expanded annual pass options that apply to both Florida Residents and regular Guests.
Guests looking for Disney annual passes will now be able to choose between five different options, including the Weekday Select, the Silver, the Gold, the Platinum, or the Platinum Plus Pass. In addition to those, Disney is still offering the cheaper options that only include admission to Epcot or the water parks.

Here is a chart (taken directly from Walt Disney World's official site) comparing all the available passes:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to keep in mind that the prices shown above only apply to Florida Residents. The majority of the annual pass options are exclusively available to Florida Residents (such as the Weekday Select Pass, the Silver Pass, and the Gold Pass). As a general rule of thumb, the other annual pass options that are available to all Guests (the Platinum and Platinum Plus options) can purchase those passes for an additional $100.00 each (plus tax). Click here for more information.

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  1. Way to make things confusing Disney. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

    Given these prices, and my understanding of each category, when my AP expires I can say for sure I will not be renewing, not ever buying another. So sad.

  2. Ok what is the difference between this and the old one? I would be interested in the silver but not sure if anything changed

  3. It looks like the new "weekday" pass now includes parking. Silver and gold have different blackout dates

  4. The inclusion of unlimited downloads from photopass is nice in the new selections. Glad Disneyland isn't me local park because those prices are crazy now.

  5. If you're local, and you visit with any regularity, you're getting a great deal compared to the rest of us. 4 days a month - $16 a day. Must be nice.

    If you're not a local, and you're going to be visiting several times during the year, perhaps 10+ days overall, driving a car so you need parking - well, we just get the AP and quit worrying about park hoppers and combinations and ticket problems at the turnstiles.

    And break yourself of the stay onsite mindset. The money you'll save adds up quickly and the cost of admission will become the least of your worries.


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