Musical Group Ribab Fusion Debuts in Morocco at Epcot

Live entertainment is surely an integral part of the World Showcase experience, immersing Guests in the diverse cultures of the nations represented at Epcot. Continuing the park's efforts to keep entertainment at Epcot fresh and present Guests with new experiences, Epcot recently introduced a new act to the show lineup. Ribab Fusion, a popular band from northern Africa, began performing in Morocco on Wednesday, October 21 and will run through January 2, 2016.

Ribab Fusion celebrates Morocco’s Amazigh culture with everything from smooth grooves to high-energy funk, fusing the traditional sound of the single-stringed ribab with a contemporary, Afropop style.

As part of this update, B’net Al Houwariyate gave their final performance October 18, 2015. That being said, more new atmosphere entertainment will be coming to World Showcase in the future. The new and enhanced acts will continue to contribute to the rich mix of cultural entertainment at Epcot.

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  1. Now this group actually sounds pretty good. Here's one of their music videos I found:

  2. Agreed, I saw this news and a ling to their video on another site yesterday. I'm excited about this. I'll be sure to stop by :)


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