Club Disney Opening Soon at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Later this year, a new special event venue will open Disney’s Hollywood Studios that will host a variety of exciting, new entertainment experiences over time.
Located on Sunset Boulevard, "Sunset Showcase" will initially open with Club Disney where Guests will be able to join Mickey Mouse and his friends on the dance floor. Additionally, a DJ Club Host will play popular Radio Disney songs as the floor and walls come alive with vivid images from classic Disney movies.

Here's a photo of the Sunset Showcase theater, located near Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith:

Club Disney will also feature a cool seating area and snack station, where Guests will be able to refuel and recharge both themselves and their electronic devices. The new venue opens December 5, 2015.

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  1. really, that is what they were building.. a new dance space. sure, lets not build anything important, or maybe a dedicated theater for b&tb.. le sigh.

  2. Define "important"

    Beauty already has a theater. I've sat in that theater and watched the show many times.

  3. Sure, they close Pleasure Island, but they open a dance place at HS..., thanks Disney??

  4. The Studios need a location to keep younger kids busy during the construction years. I'm hoping this doesn't mean HISTK play will be shutdown during that time. That's pretty much the only real play area in the park.

  5. MaxiGeek -

    Um... Did you forget that TWO NEW LANDS are coming to DHS? DHS is going to need spaces like this in the future to manage crowds.

  6. This space was not built exclusively for this event, it's a flex space that can be used for a lot of different things. The presumption is that other spaces around the park that could have accommodated this sort of thing, like the old premier theater, might be going away so they need a new multi-purpose space. I would not expect this event to stay in here long term.

  7. Dan is correct.
    I think we will see more shorter time period, and one time only, events rather than a roster of months long seasonal quasi permanent.
    Flex theater, flex market and merchandise, flex imagination Develop a never know what you're going to see mindset that keeps the talent and guest energized.

    That's my vision anyway. Ha!