CityWalk Update: NBC Sports Grill & Brew Officially Opens

After months of construction, the NBC Sports Grill & Brew restaurant officially opened its doors to Guests visiting the ever-growing Universal's CityWalk.
Far from being the usual, unthemed sit-down restaurant, this new location offers retractable walls (yes, we said walls!) that can be easily removed to create one huge outdoor restaurant, offering a large amount of television screens and an open kitchen that can also be seen from the second floor. Let's take a look:

A new billboard advertising the new dining location has been installed outside the AMC Theaters:

A look at the completed exterior of the NBC Sports Grill & Brew:

Here's the menu posted right outside the main entrance of the restaurant:

The outdoor patio:

The large LED screen right outside the restaurant:

Let's take a look inside the restaurant, entering from the secondary entrance:

Dim lights welcome Guests to a modern, yet inviting environment:

Some tables are rather... unique:

The lights definitely add a lot to the atmosphere:

We have always liked the open kitchen concept:

The restaurant's bar:

Heading upstairs:

From the second floor, Guests get an even better view of the kitchen. A glass covering is essential in our opinion, though. Anyone with malicious intentions could easily drop objects into the condiments bar:

More photos taken around the second floor:

The view from here is great:

One of our favorite seating areas is this one, located above the restaurant's main entrance:

Before concluding, here's the current status of the former NBA City Restaurant:

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  1. You're right about glass covering the kitchen, I thought of that too...

  2. Not sports bar people, but looks nice and seems to have plenty of less screen intrusive seating. Prefer this to a single concept like Nascar.

    Will try it next time around.

  3. Anyone spot the hidden Mickey in the unusual dining table?

  4. First thing I spotted was that hidden Mickey!

  5. LOL you guys gonna make Uni paranoid hidden Mickey wiper outers!

    I heard there are 4 in Diagon Alley..

  6. The pics look great! Thanks for fixing the blurriness! I appreciate the work you guys do.


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