Upcoming Kennedy Space Center Events (Oct.-Dec. 2015)

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex invites guests to experience upcoming events including multiple ways to meet a veteran NASA astronaut, up-close launch viewing for select rocket launches, an Innovation Expo, and much more.
With so much to see and do, guests can complement their visit with a Multiday Discovery ticket or an annual pass to enjoy everything the complex has to offer. Continue reading to learn more about what's in store for the next few months:


Oct. 3, Space Shuttle Atlantis 30th Anniversary
Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, home of the Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction. Get nose-to-nose with Atlantis during this event, featuring a live version of the engaging video astronaut series, “Tell Me A Story,” and meet and greets and signing opportunities with space shuttle Atlantis astronauts including: Jerry Ross, Mike McCulley, Bo Bobko, Charlie Walker, Bob Springer, and more.

On Oct. 3, 1985, space shuttle Atlantis launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on her first mission STS 51-J. Atlantis was also the last orbiter to land at Kennedy Space Center July 21, 2011, concluding NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program. Today, Atlantis is in her new home at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex displayed with her payload bay doors open inside the Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction.

Oct. 16-17, NASA’s Innovation Expo
For the first time ever, NASA is allowing public access to their Innovation Expo! Discover what it takes to foster innovative ideas during this two-day event at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Hear from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center experts during a series of fascinating presentations, see a prototype of the cutting-edge Robonaut and get firsthand information on NASA’s six campaigns including Earth Right Now, Technology, International Space Station, Aeronautics, Mars and the Solar System and Beyond.

Fly With An Astronaut
Guests spend a thrilling half-day experiencing the highlights of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex by taking a ‘flight’ on Shuttle Launch Experience with a veteran NASA astronaut.

The experience encompasses a small group tour of Kennedy Space Center, including a drive past the Vehicle Assembly Building and a photo opportunity at the LC-39 Observation Gantry, a guided tour of the Apollo/Saturn V Center and a catered buffet lunch on the second level of the Apollo/Saturn V Center overlooking Banana Creek and nearby launch pads. Guests receive an autographed photo with their astronaut guide and a retail gift. Cost is $199 for adults; $174 for children ages 3-11, including daily admission. 

Fly With An Astronaut is offered on the following dates with these veteran astronauts:
  • Nov. 27-29, Jon McBride
  • Dec. 20-21, Jon McBride
  • Dec. 22-24, Don Thomas
Rocket Launches
Guests can enjoy up-close launch viewing for multiple launches throughout the year from nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS). Upcoming launches include:

  • Oct. 2, 6:09 a.m. – A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket will launch Mexico’s Morelos-3 communications satellite (MEXSAT).
  • Oct. 30, 12:17 p.m. – A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket will launch the 11th Global Positioning Satellite (GPS IIF-11) for the U.S. Air Force.
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers the closest public viewing of launches for most 2015 launches (dependent upon time of the launch and other operational factors). Visit KennedySpaceCenter.com to learn more.

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