Universal Studios Update: Minor Changes Around the Park

After months of minimal activity, Universal Studios Florida is finally starting to get back to work to prepare for the next wave of new attractions. Indeed, work on the brand-new Fast & Furious ride is already underway, while Twister is still rumored to close before the end of the year to be transformed into an entirely new experience. In addition to these major projects, quite a few areas of the park continue to receive minor improvements. Take a look around with us:

Welcome to Universal Studios Florida:

Work continues next to Despicable Me - Minion Mayhem:

The former location of Lucy: A Tribute is still closed as it transforms into a new Hello Kitty store:

All the Betty Boop merchandise has moved to The Darkroom, a temporary shop:

A look inside:

The location looks quite nice for being temporary:

Nearby, the former magic show officially left the park a few weeks ago:

Nothing is currently going on inside the new NBC Media Center:

Marvel merchandise can be found in the KidZone:

Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster was closed for refurbishment during our last visit:


We never noticed this nice light effect before:

New wait time signs were installed outside Man in Black - Alien Attack a few months ago:

The older (non-working) sign can still be found nearby:

In San Francisco, work on the new Fast & Furious attraction continues behind the scenes:

The new "Straight Outta Food Truck" show takes place nearby:

Another new street show takes place in the New York City backlot:

The rest of the area:

Twister is still open for business:

It's time to head home now:

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  1. Any ideas what's going to be in the Dark Room and old Magic Store in Hollywood? Maybe a Super Nintendo Store?

  2. a nintendo store would probably be going in the new nintendo themed area coming in the next couple years

  3. It's hilarious how there is no mention of Halloween Horror Nights.

  4. @Last ANonymous: As stated in the "About Us" page, we don't cover those seasonal events. There are plenty of other sites that do that. Our website focuses on what's new in the parks in general, when no hard ticket fee is required.

  5. Universal should add an Autograph store in the Darkroom, with signed collectors photos.


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