Universal Studios Update: Disaster! Gone, Twister Survives

With the permanent closure of Disaster!, it can be easily inferred that phase 2 of the multi-year expansion of Universal Studios Florida is officially beginning.
In addition to the new Fast & Furious attraction, persistent rumors point to a new ride replacing Twister (which is still open... for now) in the New York City backlot of the park, a Nintendo themed land replacing Woody Woodpecker's KidZone, and much more. It's definitely a very exciting time for theme park fans.

Let's take a quick look around the park to see what's new since our last visit:

Twister is still rumored to be closing before the end of the year, even though nothing has been announced yet. Fans should definitely visit the attraction before it gets replaced by a new ride:

The rest of New York:

The relatively new stage of the Blues Brothers:

One of the multiple new street shows is now performed in the New York area of the park:

It's called "Beat Builders":

San Francisco:

The Disaster! marquee was removed the day after the attraction closed to the public.



Back to the Future:

Nothing is currently happening around the KidZone other than the refurbishment of Barney's show:

It's time to leave the park:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Wish Universal would at least show off some of the concepts they used to convince Nintendo to join their theme parks.
    A little hint of the future would be nice.

  2. I never knew those circular brick elements were behind the Disaster sign!
    As for KidZone... I hope they don't touch E.T. But, a Nintendo gift shop would be nice.

  3. I never thought twister would outlast good ol' disaster hahaha

  4. I hope Twister survives. It should. It in my eyes is still a classic along with E.T. I love Twister and I say it should stay.

  5. Bill Paxton, thank you so much for stopping by!! ;-)

  6. When will Universal kill Kidzone next?

  7. I swear, if that Nintendo land is just a replacement kiddie attraction...