Redesigned LEGOLAND Florida Website Officially Debuts

A few weeks ago, the LEGOLAND Florida Resort received a completely new website that reflects the playfulness and kid-friendly nature of the location.
In addition to the great pictures and more appealing design, the website now includes a number of additional tools that future Guests will surely find useful, such as the latest park map, the show guide, an easy-to-use calendar with the operating hours of LEGOLAND Florida and the nearby water park, and more.

The home page of the site now features large images and photos highlighting some of the attractions:

Just below that, visitors can find out the latest news about the resort, read reviews, and much more:

The calendar with the operating hours now has a more modern look. Here's an example:

In the addition to the PDF version of the Show Guide, visitors can find the full schedule on the site itself:

Be sure to check out the redesigned website of the LEGOLAND Florida Resort and check out all the new features! Many more pages and helpful tool will be added in the near future, so stay tuned.

SCREENSHOTS: ©2015 LEGOLAND Florida Resort. All rights reserved.

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