Pirates of the Caribbean Reopens at Magic Kingdom Park

The extremely popular Pirates of the Caribbean dark ride finally reopened on September 26 to Magic Kingdom Park Guests after a lengthy refurbishment.
As expected, the entire ride feels like new, thanks to the extensive work that has been done around the ride path in the past three months. In addition to better lighting effects and cleaner rockwork (dust had gathered for years, and could be seen even in low light conditions), the Audio-Animatronics received new outfits.

The official Disney Parks Blog shared the following in regards to this major refurbishment:

"In addition to the restoration work and new paint inside the attraction, we added some enhanced special effects, including new cannons with water-based smoke and strobes for weather effects. There are also a handful of new scents to experience at different areas of the attraction.

We also took the opportunity to enhance the Audio Animatronic figures in this fan-favorite attraction at Magic Kingdom Park. Each character was rebuilt and fitted with new costumes and now appear even more realistic and authentic, including Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa."

Here you are just some pictures taken during the ride (no flash was used, so their quality may vary):

We will conclude with a complete ride-through video of the refreshed attraction. Once again, please note that no video lights were used to preserve the experience of other Guests, so video quality may vary:

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  1. Anyone know if they are using all rows of the boats again now?

  2. Yes, they are using all the rows again. We went down there on Monday evening and ride it twice, once in the back row, once in the front row. The boats had very little water on them, seats and floors. I also think they removed some of the boats as there was no back up at the end. The attraction looks amazing. I wasn't expecting much, but it was great what they have done. The pictures and video above do it no justice. When you first dispatch, the fog effect in the first portion of the ride was amazing. They added some new strobe light effects, but the under water mermaids we're not visible (wonder if they removed them?) After the storm scene and drop, they sets look absolutely incredible! Thanks to Disney for a great rehab!!


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