General Overview of LEGOLAND Florida's New Hotel

Earlier this year, a brand-new themed hotel opened next to LEGOLAND Florida.
Featuring hundres of LEGO models both outside and inside the hotel itself, the LEGOLAND Hotel promises to engage the senses of kids and adults alike with great activities, special events, great amenities, and more. Just imagine heading to your room after a fun day at the park and still feel immersed in the world of LEGOs! Join us and take a look around some of the areas of this new resort.

Let's begin by taking a look at the exterior of the hotel:

Just like in California, a dragon guards the hotel's entrance:

A closer look:

Inside the lobby:

Younger Guests can even enjoy a special meet-and-greet right after entering the hotel:

The check-in area:

The LEGO model behind the desk moves back and forth:

Even the elevators include a special surprise! It feels like a party when the music starts:

Two of the columns in the lobby area are being covered with LEGOs:

Moving on:

A themed play area can be found near the restaurant:

Brick's Family Restaurant:

These lights create a very relaxing atmosphere:

The Skyline Lounge:

A great LEGO skyline of a city can be found in this lounge:

In the LEGO Club, younger visitors can enjoy movies and other special activities throughout the day:

The pool area:

A look at the area from above:

And that is all for now. Before concluding, remember to like us on our official Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for live updates from the parks. Thank you for your support, and see you again soon.


  1. I Don't see a mess through a child's eyes. If I were a 3-8 year old, this is where I'd want to stay. Pool is in need of a slide though.

  2. I agree the pool is kinda lackluster, but the indoor play area is great. First Anon be trollin

  3. No, I not be trollin. Its an overdone, contrived "immersive" mess. Sure a 3-8 year old might want to stay there, but they don't pay the bills and any parent worth that title just doesn't blindly do whatever MIGHT makes the kiddies happy.

    If you're a Lego geek then you've found your Shangri-La so have fun!

    But, imho, its a mess (and no, it wouldn't make any difference if this were a Disney operation).

  4. "a 3-8 year old might want to stay there, but they don't pay the bills"

    lol, I give up.

  5. Have to agree, looks like a basic 192 hotel with some legos thrown at it. Any kid would definitely prefer a Disney/Uni/Nickelodeon hotel to this sad excuse at a Lego themed hotel. I could be being harsh cause I love Legos and I think the missed the mark on this one.