CityWalk Update: NBC Sports Grill & Brew Now Wall-Free

Plenty of work has been done around Universal's CityWalk since our last visit.
While the new NBC Sport Grill & Brew has not opened to the public yet, the temporary construction walls that used to surround the building have finally been removed, and much shorter barricades have replaced them. We are definitely expecting the location to officially open (or at least soft-open) in the next two to three weeks. Additionally, walls are now up around the old NBA City Restaurant.

The NBC Sports Grill & Brew restaurant:

The restaurant's sign was installed just a few days ago:

A ramp will allow Guests using wheelchairs to be able to access the building from the main entrance:

The outdoor patio:

As some of our Readers pointed out last week, these are actually heaters:

The TVs are these:

The side of the restaurant now has retractable walls:

The secondary entrance:

A look at the back of the building:

Notice the new light fixture:

A panoramic view of the restaurant:

From another angle:

Time to focus on the former NBA City Restaurant:

As mentioned earlier, walls now surround the entire building:

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  1. That place looks great!

  2. What is going to go in the place of nba

  3. Not announced yet. Maybe Jekyll and Hyde?

  4. supposedly a chocolate restaurant. Or a fondue restaurant. kinda hoping its neither.

  5. With Disney Springs, which will be 4X bigger than Universal City Walk, I doubt I'll be going here again anytime soon. Honest comment. Not meant as troll bait.

  6. Can I ask is all the bars in Universal kids friendly during the day time? I fancy trying some special brew while watching the premiership football while they eat and get out of the Florida sun for a bit.


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