Soarin' Around the World Officially Coming to Epcot in 2016

Just a few minutes ago, the Walt Disney Company confirmed that a completely new version of the very popular Soarin' attraction will debut at Epcot and Disney California Adventure in 2016. The attraction will be renamed Soarin' Around the World and will feature all-new destinations, including China, European locations, and much more. As previously announced, the Epcot version will also receive a third theater next year to increase the attraction's capacity.


  1. I wonder if the new version will be 3D? I'm guessing not, and I suppose it doesn't really need to be since it's a wrap-around dome screen anyway. Regardless, it will be good to have a new video with higher quality, plus that 3rd screen should theoretically increase capacity by nearly 50%. Of course that doesn't mean reducing wait times by 50% because the updated attraction will certainly be visited by even more guests.

  2. I think the frozen and Soarin will have the biggest queues in the park.


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