Polynesian Village Update: Leisure Pool Construction

While the most important phases of Disney's Polynesian Village Resort's major expansion have already been completed, a few areas of this deluxe hotel are still receiving some attention, particularly the leisure pool (located between the Rarotonga and Hawaii longhouses) and a small section of the parking lot.
In this update, we'll check out these locations as well as other Guest areas that have recently reopened to the public (like the great Lava Pool). Enjoy the tour:

The Great Ceremonial House:

Trader Sam's Grog Grotto:

The outdoor lounge is complemented by a nicely-themed waterfall:

The new water play area for kids:

The Lava Pool is now completely surrounded by a fence. Guests staying at the resort can access the pool area by scanning their MagicBand or card at one of the touch points located around the area:

A closer look at the new fence:

Walls completely surround the former leisure pool:

A peek behind the walls reveals that the entire pool has been completely removed:

A look at the area from another angle:

The updates maps found around the property already show the new leisure pool:



Work also continues to be done on a nearby building:

We'll conclude with some photos of the beach and the surrounding area:

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  1. I do like the look of the deluxe hotels but not the costs. We just see our room as a place to sleep and wash/shower.


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