New Site Connects Theme Park Guests in One Community

ThemeGo, the first global, community-based theme park vacation planner, has officially debuted, enabling travelers to share their first-hand experiences of the $15-billion theme park industry on a single go-to site. ThemeGo was founded by Yariv Padva, a Tel Aviv-based product expert who became enthralled with the fascinating world of theme parks after visiting Walt Disney World at the age of 13. Since then, he has visited at least 25 theme parks around the globe.

"I created ThemeGo because I wanted information that was consolidated and clear. Otherwise, I was forced to go to multiple sites to assemble all the information I needed to effectively plan a theme park vacation” says Padva. In addition, he was eager to find information and reviews from recent visitors. 

“ThemeGo helps theme park travelers streamline their research and share information with other users,” says Padva. ThemeGo users find images and videos for every element of each theme park and can create itineraries by simply clicking the “add itinerary” button. 

“Our goal was to design an intuitive site with an easy-to-navigate interface and vast visual information about parks everywhere in the world,” says Padva. “It’s a “one-place” approach to unbiased reviews of the world’s theme parks and attractions by folks who are experiencing them.”

In addition to encouraging theme park visitors to post real-time reviews of rides, attractions, restaurants, and hotels, users can share “best of” lists to spark discussion between vacationers. And, shortly, users will be able to book flights, hotels, and park entry fees through ThemeGo. 

“At ThemeGo it's all about what people are saying about every single venue inside the theme park,” says Padva. “The reviews and top lists are shared by theme park goers for theme park goers.”

Everything on ThemeGo can be bookmarked to create customized and personalized trip itineraries and families are able to access their itineraries using their smartphones when on vacation. The ThemeGo mobile experience makes it possible to discover, review on the spot, and navigate through location-based features. 

“ThemeGo is my dream realized to create a sense of community among people planning theme park vacations around the globe,” says Padva, “and a place to share the ‘happiest reviews on Earth.”

Spending time at amusement parks is a popular choice for getaways, especially for families with children. More than 290 million people visited U.S. amusement parks in 2014 and the industry reports growing attendance at the top visited US parks. Disney Parks and Resorts, for example, reported 130 million visitors and revenues of 15.1 billion dollars in 2014.

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  1. So basically like a TripAdvisor except this is specifically for theme park reviews.

  2. I love it! It's really cool that you can see all the different rides in each theme park. Would give their planning tool a try next vacation

  3. I love the pictures! I'm excited to see what they do next! Nice planning tool


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