New Menu Items Coming to Epcot's Sunshine Seasons

The menu of one of the highest-rated quick-service locations at the Walt Disney World Resort is going to get even better in the next few days.
In fact, the OTPN Team has just learned that some new offerings will start to be available to Guests dining at the location beginning August 19, 2015. Among the new food offerings, Guests will find a new sandwich, new sides, a new dessert, and some Asian specialties that will be added to the restaurant's Wok station.

The new food choices will include the following:
  • Cuban Sandwich with Plantain Strips;
  • Corn and BBQ Sauce have been added as sides of the Pork Chop, (with mashed potatoes);
  • Vegan Korma;
  • New Asian Shrimp Stir Fry;
  • Kids Turkey Meatloaf Meal;
  • Warm peanut butter brownie (this item was added a few weeks ago and is already available).
Here you are two photos (that will be added to the menu on August 19) of some of these additions:

Asian Shrimp Stir Fry

Vegan Korma

While the Salmon is not a new offering (it has always been one of the most popular items at the restaurant), we were told that the potato wedges will no longer be offered as part of the meal option. That said, we have not been told if potato wedges will still be offered at the location as a side item:

Be sure to stop by Sunshine Seasons (located inside The Land pavilion at Epcot) during your next visit!


  1. Disney World is finally becoming multi cultural. Thanks. It's about time it follows in NYC footsteps in that regard.

  2. @Anonymous above: Not sure what you mean? Epcot has been multi-cultural since it opened in 1982. The Food and Wine Festival brings in even more cultures every year. Animal Kingdom has had Asian and African themes/food since it opened as well.

    Comparing a theme park to NYC doesn't seem to make sense either, since New York has been around for over a hundred years, was the primary immigrant entry point for much of that, and has long been a melting pot of cultures.

    Not trying to pick a fight. Just trying to understand your comment.

  3. Owned...haha. Great update as usual!! Will try it out when I get down over the holiday season.

  4. WARM peanut butter brownie

    I'll be there in November, stand back!


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