Magic Kingdom Update: Tomorrowland Changes (PART 1)

In the past few days, we shared with our Readers a photo-update showing the progress that has been made so far in the park's central hub.
This afternoon, we will take a quick look around the rest of the park, which is also receiving a lot of attention (of course, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is the busiest theme park on the planet, so it shouldn't surprise anyone to see so much work being done all at once). Let's begin to walk around the park.

First of all, all the map displays that were formerly attached to the walls under the train station are gone. It is possible that the walls needed to be repainted, so the displays had to be temporarily removed:

New, stand-alone displays are now found around the same area:

The new trees are finally starting to hide the views of Tomorrowland from the train station:

The former MyMagic+ Service Center has moved:

It is now located inside the City Hall:

Very minor work is being done on the side of the Main Street Cinema facade:

Walking down Main Street U.S.A.:

The Uptown Jewelers sign is still missing:

In Adventureland, work on the new restaurant replacing the Adventureland Veranda continues:

A closer look inside the building:

We are sure the majority of the work takes place overnight, as only one construction worker was spotted:

Walls are still up in this area:

The sign of Aloha Isle Refreshments was aged:

Pirates of the Caribbean is still closed for refurbishment:

A nice tribute to an old character, the Barker Parrot:

It's just a plush, but it was nice to see him return, even if just for a day:

In Frontierland, work continues on the back of Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe:

Work is being done on the walkway near the Rivers of America:

Liberty Square:

The Diamond Horseshoe restaurant is closed:

The Liberty Inn restaurant is also closed, but in this case it is for a major refurbishment:

Walls have gone up around the backstage areas of the restaurant:

The former meet-and-greet area for the Princess and the Frog characters is temporarily closed due to nearby work related to the Adventureland restaurant project. It should be used again soon:

Tiana and Prince Naveen now meet Guests at the nearby Heritage House:


  1. Is the Diamond Horseshoe permanently closed, and if so, what is happening to the building?

  2. It's being refurbed.

  3. Its only seasonally used, and now that the busiest days of summer rush are behind it, it'll be closed to next rush season... Holidays?

  4. Ahh I used to work at Pecos, what changes are they making to that area?

  5. @Erica: They are just refurbishing the exterior.


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