Magic Kingdom Hub Update: Rebuilding the Castle Ramps

A few days ago, the popular "Dream Along with Mickey" show started again to be preformed daily in the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park.
Despite the fact that the show takes place on the Cinderella Castle stage, work continues to take place around it (short walls are still up in front of said stage), and the two castle ramps located on each side of this stage are still taking shape. Come along with us and take a quick look around the park's central hub.

We have seen even more rain than usual here in Central Florida in the past few days:

The central hub:

A peek behind the walls:

A look at the west castle ramp and the surrounding area:

The compass shape on the floor is being completely redone:

The other castle ramp:

Work continues on the new pathway on the west side of the hub:

It's time to head home. The sky doesn't look very promising tonight:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. I still can't get over the fact how long this is taking them to finish. When they announced this, I figured it would be done during a single off season. I mean, some new cement/tile work, new planters, and some new towers (that were built off site) shouldn't take more than 6 months to finish right? This is turning into a two year long annoyance. Totally kills the look of the castle! This better be done in time for the Not So Scary Halloween party! I don't want to be looking over construction walls to see the brand new show!

  2. This is a common complaint, but they only work at night, and then only for a couple of hours each night. If they get 4 or 5 hours of work each night, they would be lucky. That causes these projects to take forever. It is what it is, imagine the effect if you saw a cement truck, or hear jack hammers throughout the day.

  3. What would be your BEST guess on completion? We're heading there on October 4th for the Halloween Party.

  4. Part of the problem is that there is no offseason any more. The old days of the parks being empty the first week of May, the second week of September... long gone.

  5. The plan is complete the hub/ramps/forecourt by Sep 15 (the first MNSSHP), but they're not confident enough to announce the date yet. Could slip, so if you definitely don't want to see this construction, go after Oct 1.

  6. While it is taking a long time, its is more than just pouring some concrete as some might think. When they are done it looks like it has always been there, that doesn't happen by accident. Also I would imagine upgrades of power and other electronics also adds to the time frame. Add to that the late hours the Park is open and the early openings (at times), allows a limited amount of time to each night to get anything done.

  7. The various construction projects don't seem to bother the other 17 million guests who pound on the gates trying to get in ...

    If it's so bad, vote with your wallet and quit going.

  8. I think the construction does bother the other 17 million guests (except you). People are just trying to get information and venting a bit. So your response is to quit going; sure for how long - 10 years or more, that's realistic!

    If these posts are so bad, then quit reading them. I rather read more informative posts about the current status and possible completion dates; I'm guessing most of the other 17 million guests would feel the same way...


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