Magic Kingdom Hub Update: Castle Ramps Construction

After enjoying our weekly photo-updates, most of our Readers know that some portions of Magic Kingdom Park's central hub are still under construction as we speak. That being said, Guests visiting the park can already notice the beauty of the details that have been included in this much-needed expansion.
Trees, flowers, fountains, new railings, new themed signs... all of these features only improve the look and feel of one the busiest areas of the park. Take a look:

Let's begin by taking a look around the areas that are now open to all Guests:

The new west walkway takes shape behind the walls, near the entrance to Adventureland:

One of the two shelters that will include water fountains:

Digging a trench:

The walls bordering the new walkway:

Both castle ramps are being completely rebuilt:

The area seen from the opposite side of the castle:

A front view:

Work also continues on the new castle tower located on the west side of the hub (near Liberty Square):

The east tower:

More railings are being replaced next to a cart located on the Fantasyland bridge:

The former Rose Garden will continue to be behind walls for a while:

This area will feature plenty of new trees. Tomorrowland has even been obscured by them:

A look at the area from the Tomorrowland bridge:

This will be the entrance to the expanded walkway:

A peek behind the walls:

One of the trees by the Tomorrowland Terrace was removed:

Work continues to be done also around the new Main Street bypass:

How can one not love this fantasy-filled world?

Here is the full photo-gallery, which includes a few additional photos of the hub and the nearby areas:

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  1. will they be done soon? coming in Nov

  2. What's that in tarps by Cinderella Castle on the left?

  3. Hope this is finished for November - Si

  4. I hate to ask this
    because i would rather just go to MK and answer it myself:)
    But where exactly is the Main Street Bypass?
    Where do you enter and exit?
    Is there only one?

  5. @2nd Anonymous: That is the secondary castle tower that will also function as a tech booth during the castle shows.

    @Last Anonymous: The Main Street Bypass is a secondary street that is located in the backstage area of Main Street U.S.A., sandwiched between Main Street at Tomorrowland. Guests enter between the Plaza Restaurant and the Tomorrowland Terrace and exit between Le Chapeau and Tony's Town Square restaurant.

    There is a secondary bypass on the opposite side of Main Street U.S.A. (on the Adventureland side), but it is not themed, it's much smaller, and it is not used as frequently (actually, we have only had the chance to use it two or three times in the past few years).

  6. Hi there Orlando Themepark News can I just ask what camera are you using to take photographs thanks there nice and will the ramp be done before the end of September thanks.

  7. They sure are taking a long time to finish this parking lot.

  8. Dream Along with Mickey - Closed 19th July 2015 ~ 19th August 2015
    As this is the show that's shown on the stage in front of the castle I guess the ramps will all be reopened on the 20th August.

  9. I still can't get over the fact that it has taken them over a year to basically build some paths, install a few fountains and put in some landscaping. Sure they are adding a few new towers to the castle but that really shouldn't take this long.

    For one of the most photographed locations in the US, you think they would have wanted to get this over with FAST. Instead they are going at a snail pace like they have been doing for years now. Look how quickly the Kong building appeared and is now almost fully themed with tons of rock work. It has taken roughly half the amount of time to do a LOT more work at Universal.

    I know a lot of people are looking forward to D23 coming up soon and looking forward to WDW ride announcements for various parks but my question is...why? So you can get excited about a ride that you won't be on for another 6-7 years. After the whole Avatar disaster, I have learned not to get my hopes up. Disney can't build anything new in a year or two anymore. It's a real shame.

  10. What I noticed on here with the photo updates is that with Kong there working on it during the day when the park is open but with Disney there no workers on site in any of the pics so there only working on it when it's been closed which is a small window with the park opening 8/9am and closing 1/3am with EMH. So I doubt in the peak season they working on it for more than 5 hours a day.

  11. Starting at picture 8 from the top, you see workers. When I was there a few weeks ago, there was workers. Plus there is a big difference between building a massive show building, covering it with cement and sculpting it into rocks and then painting them vs laying out cement, fake grass and planting trees. Sure they did more work than that, but still nothing major that should be taking this much time. At the speed they are going, I would be shocked if we have a completed HUB by the end of this year. I think we can all agree that even if they only worked on this at night, taking a year and a half to update the HUB is insane.

    This doesn't seem to be a Disney issue world wide. Construction is happening at a lighting speed for the new park overseas and DL still continues to get updates and construction projects finished in a timely manor. It's just something with WDW right now and has been this way for years now. With Universal expanding and growing at a rapid pace, you would think WDW would want to up their game. Instead, they spend 8 years building a new land, a year and a half refreshing a hub, and 3 years (by the time it opens) to build a water show on the AK lake.

  12. How do you pay for a trip of a lifetime and see nothing but walls and tarps..Refund??

  13. If you don't want to be there during construction, why would you book?

    Do people think Disney has unlimited funding? Most work is done overnight. Some is done during the day, but nothing that makes noise. That's why you see workers in the daytime shots. But no heavy machinery.

    For people who are Disney fans (I assume), why are people so negative?

    And if you don't like Avatar, you're in the minority. It was the highest grossing film ever. And it did that in 41 days.


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