LEGOLAND Florida Update: New Heartlake City (PART 1)

LEGOLAND Florida is, without a doubt, one of the area's theme parks with the most dynamic attraction offering. Indeed, every time we visit the park, we notice something new, including attractions, dining locations, and themed stores.
In this update, we'll take a quick tour of the park's newest land (Heartlake City), while also checking out the rest of the LEGO-themed areas that have been in the park since opening day (and those that were recently added). Let's begin.

The LEGO Factory is still closed in Fun Town. We have still not heard anything about its future:

It's time to check out Heartlake City:

While the new area is smaller than we originally thought, it contains a new ride, a water play area, a meet-and-greet, a show, a themed store, and multiple themed elements scattered around the land:

The new Disk'O attraction seems to be very popular. Was it the right choice for a girl-centric land, though? The majority of riders seemed to be male teenagers (there were also plenty of girls, of course):

Males outnumbered females during this specific ride cycle (we observed about four different ride cycles):

The area's meet-and-greet is called Heartlake News:

The new water play area:

The new theater housing a brand-new show, known as "Friends to the Rescue":

The new Heartlake Shopping Mall:

There is still a lot of green space around the new Heartlake City area, which is a plus:

Some of the equipment and walls that were used during construction are stored nearby:


The cars were recently removed from the racetrack:

Moving on:

Pirates' Cove:

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