Large Fishing Hook Removed From Rescued Sea Turtle

Yesterday morning, a veterinarian at SeaWorld Orlando successfully removed a fishing hook embedded in the mouth of a rescued loggerhead sea turtle.
This juvenile loggerhead sea turtle currently weighs approximately 60 pounds and was rescued near Jetty Beach (located near Cape Canaveral, Florida) by the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. The injured animal was promptly brought to SeaWorld Orlando for immediate medical attention and rehabilitation.

After the turtle was stabilized and initial health tests and blood work were completed, the SeaWorld team was able to take X-rays to better gauge the depth and degree of damage from the hook before removal.

Fortunately, the embedded hook was a “circle” hook and was quickly removed without causing any additional trauma to surrounding tissue. Circle-shaped hooks are recommended for fishing because sea turtles are less likely to swallow the circle-shaped hook than traditional J-shaped hooks. Traditional J-shaped hooks can cause suffocation or internal bleeding when swallowed.

Immediately following the procedure the turtle began swimming and eating. SeaWorld’s animal experts will continue to monitor its health over the next several weeks.

So far in 2015, SeaWorld Orlando has rescued 53 sea turtles, double the average for this time of the year, and returned 76. More than 26,000 animals have been rescued by SeaWorld’s animal rescue team that is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To report someone disturbing a sea turtle nest or an injured, dead, or harassed sea turtle call 888-404-3922 or dial *FWC on a cellular device. Learn more about our passion for conservation and animal welfare at

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  1. Why all the hate for Sea World, when they do these types of rescues, what almost seems to be daily? Way to go!

  2. Sea world sucks.

  3. For each turtle they do save, a whale is abused, a dolphin dies, and they rake in the money to continue the abuse.

  4. ^ makes bs claim with no evidence to back up. Get a life, whiner.

  5. Sea World is awesome! They take great care of the animals and the attractions just keep getting better and better!

  6. You say they keep getting better when in reality the abuse keeps getting worse. can give you all the inside information.

    The whales have terrible conditions and are slowly dying.
    Seaworld recently shot and killed a beluga whale.

    This information is simply hidden from the public eye, when in reality SeaWorld is as bad as the Cove. They just do a better job of hiding it with their millions in PR.

  7. I think any place where animals are locked in a cage is bad. I think Animal Kingdom is the best example of how animals should be treated.


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