Walt Disney World: MyDisneyPhotoPass.com Updates

In preparation for future improvements, three very important changes have been implemented to the popular Disney PhotoPass Service website, which include the following: watermarking pictures that have not been purchased (featured on the PhotoPass site), changes to the availability of digital download copies, and the addition of online print plus download. All these changes went live online, including the mobile version, at MyDisneyPhotoPass.com on July 23. 

Photos that have not been purchased (individually, or as part of a Memory Maker entitlement) will be displayed on the website with a watermark over the image. Watermarks will be visible on photos when viewed on the Photos page and the individual photo windows. Photos that have been purchased (individually, or as part of a Memory Maker entitlement) will not contain the watermark.

Once a Guest purchases a digital download online of a vacation photo, any copies of that photo will also be available for download at no additional charge. A copy of a photo is created when a Guest edits a photo inside the photo window by either resizing, changing the color or applying a border and/or sticker and then selects “Create a Copy.”

Guests who purchase a print (any size) online may also download a digital copy of that photo, at no additional charge. After processing their order of a print, the Guest may go back to the purchased photo and select “Download” from the photo window.


- If I purchased a photo print or download online before this update, will the watermarks be removed from the photos I have already purchased?
Unfortunately any photos purchased, as a print or download, online prior to July 23rd will display a watermark. Guests may contact the Disney PhotoPass Guest Support team if they have any questions or require assistance.

- If I purchase a photo print onsite at a Disney PhotoPass Sales Center, will I receive a digital download online?
No. The availability of a digital download, at no additional charge, only applies to prints purchased online.

- Will watermarks appear on photos at the View Stations at PhotoPass Sales Centers?
No. The watermarks will only appear on the photos when they are viewed online.

- If I purchased an attractions photo print onsite at an attraction Sales Center, will I receive a digital download online?
Yes. The entry-level print package available at attraction Sales Centers includes both a print and a download for $18.95.

- Will video content be watermarked online?
No. The website will only watermark photos. Video content, which includes Animated Magic Shots and Attraction Videos, will not be watermarked.

- I purchased Memory Maker but my photos are still watermarked. Why?
The watermark will be removed from all photos captured during your Memory Maker window once you activate your Memory Maker entitlement. To activate your entitlement simply select “Download” from any photo window or the “Download All” button located in the “Photos” tab. Memory Maker is considered active after your first download.

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