Skeletons Museum: A Very Unique Orlando Attraction

What would you think if someone invited you to visit an attraction that featured more than 400 skeletons of animals and human beings? We are quite sure you would be at least a bit skeptical at first, just as we were the first time we heard about the new Skeletons: Animals Unveiled attraction, which recently opened at I-Drive 360. That being said, we decided to check out the new museum anyway, especially since it is such an original attraction. We are very glad we did.

Indeed, this very unique museum is much more interesting than it may sound to some. The Skeletons: Animals Unveiled museum was not designed as a frightening walk-through attraction, but as a very interesting exhibit that can teach and - at the same time - amaze Guests as they take a closer look at what's inside the majority of the animals living on our planet. That's something that cannot be easily found in other attractions around the Central Florida area, which makes it even more unique.

Here's a very quick photo-tour of the location, which includes just some of the highlights of the museum:

The first (and last) area Guests encounter when entering the building is the gift shop:

The entrance of the exhibit is located behind a desk, which functions as a check-out area for the shop. This is also the place where Guests may purchase tickets for the attraction:

A brief introductory video gives a general overview of bones, which is very interesting:

Some of the very first skeletons Guests see at the beginning of the visit include human skeletons. They help to have a clearer understanding of how much animal skeletons differ from human bones:

Ever wondered how the interior of a turtle looks like? Wonder no more!:

Continuing our visit:

In this area, Guests may take a look at skeletons of primates:

One of the most unusual sections of the attraction:

Bigger mammals are not left out; as a result, some of the skeletons are much taller than the average adult:

More large animals:

One of our favorite parts is definitely the bats section. It is amazing to take a close look at such amazing animals. While we love to see these creatures, we have to admit that they look quite intimidating:

The back portion of the museum:

Heading to the African themed area:

Notice that a themed background accompanies some of the larger displays:


A section of the museum is themed after a Florida swamp:

Even penguins are featured:

The last part of the museum:

Cowboy country:

A quite out-of-the-ordinary aquarium:

An interactive feature can be found near the exit of the attraction. Guests can learn more about the process that is followed to obtain the skeletons and to clean them. While some of the images may be considered graphic, you have to keep in mind that it is essentially part of the circle of life:

A note explains where the skeletons displayed come from:

The very last section of the museum even features some well-known mythical creatures:

Want to see even more photos? Here's the complete gallery, with more than 100 additional pictures:

If you have a chance, we suggest you stop by this very out-of-the-ordinary attraction. The best part is that you can even include a visit to this museum while also checking out all the other offerings of I-Drive 360, including The Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds, the SEA LIFE Aquarium, Arcade City, and more.

During our visit, we were able to encounter some truly great people, including the owner of the attraction and a Supervisor. We would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to visit this attraction.


  1. The photo with the big looking things.
    Is that how they clean the skeletons?
    All I could think of was the Mummy and those beetles. lol

  2. Yes, that's how the clean the skeletons. It's a very interesting process!

  3. Does this represent an expansion or additional publi museum location for the Ostelogy Museum of Oklahoma City? The way the skeletons are displayed and several of specific exhibits (like the racoon skeleton with a box of Milk Duds) are unmistakeably the same.

  4. Anon,

    Thank you for your interest! Skeletons: Animals Unveiled is in fact a second location of the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City both owned by the parent company Skulls Unlimited.

    We hope you'll come check it out!

    With Warmest Regards,

    Cody Morris
    Operations Support Manager
    Skeletons: Animals Unveiled


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