New FastPass+ Test Taking Place at Fantasmic! Aug. 5-6

Another important test will take place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 5-6, 2015 for all park Guests holding a FastPass+ entitlement for Fantasmic!
During this test, only one Guest per party will be asked to touch their ticket or a MagicBand to the touch point in order to redeem the FastPass+ entitlements for their entire group. This temporary procedure will apply to all parties, no matter their size. Continue reading for additional details and information about this test.

In order to expedite Guests’ arrival at Fantasmic!, a test will take place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Aug. 5-6 for Guests with FastPass+ entitlements for this nighttime spectacular. As previously mentioned, during this test, only one Guest per party will be asked to touch their media to the RFID reader in order to redeem the FastPass+ entitlements for their entire group.

The entire party does not need to be present when redeeming the FastPass+ entitlements; however, all members of the party will be marked “redeemed” once one member of the party touches their media to the reader. Additional party members may arrive anytime before the end of the return window. Once other members of the party touch their media to the reader to redeem their FastPass+ entitlements, the Mickey icon will turn green.


  1. It needs to be this way for ALL rides and shows! Sometimes the FP+ line is so long because it takes forever for some people to touch their band to the pad. Space Mountain is one of the worst but on my last trip, many rides had queues set up before the first FP+ station because the line would get out of hand.

    While they are at it, while it would never happen, they need to do something to "punish" people attempting to get in the line early. If your time is 3:00pm, that doesn't mean you can get in line at 2:50pm and argue with the cast member about it "only being 10 minutes". Your holding up the rest of the line following the rules and returning at the correct time. It needs to be a "3 strikes and your out" rule. Touch your band early once, and the cast member gives you a warning. Touch it a 2nd time and you get a more strict warning. Touch it a 3rd time and your locked out of the FP+ system for a day or two. Maybe then people will learn to tell time...

  2. if it were that way for all rides and shows it would be completely abused. My party of 6 could have 18 different fastpasses to start the day. it would never work. Rides and shows have a capacity and a single fastpass to enter however many you claim are in your party at any particular entrance. no.

  3. 2nd Anon...

    The system is already in place to avoid this happening. Each ride/show has a cast member with a computer that watches the FP+ system and lets guests know when they don't have a valid pass.

    Now, when your party of 6 walks up, the first person touches the band, the cast member sees its for a party of 6 and lets 6 people go through. That fast pass is then marked as used for all 6 bands.

    If your party of 6 wanted different fast passes throughout the day, that would still be possible. Say you wanted 1 ride for 2 people and 1 ride for 4 other people. You would pick them just as you do know by picking each persons name. When you scan your band, it would show 2 people with the fast pass and 2 people could go through.

    With how you explained it, sure your party of 6 could have 18 different fast passes...if each one of you wanted to ride a different ride. As the system works right now, your party of six is ALWAYS allowed 18 different fast passes. How you break them up is up to you. You could, if you wanted, have 18 different fast passes for 18 different rides and show (at the same park) right now. It works just like the dining plan. EACH PERSON gets three per day right now. How they are broken up is up to the guest. Its just most groups want to go together, so they only feel like they can get 3 things, but they could get more if they wanted to go solo.