MagicBand Opt-Out Functionality Now Available to Guests

Are you tired of accumulating MagicBands? In the past, Guests staying at any of on-site hotels of the Walt Disney World Resort received a completely new set of MagicBands before every visit. Unfortunately, Guests that visited on a regular basis (and therefore had many old MagicBands) could not reuse them. After receiving feedback, a new functionality was introduced to, allowing Guests to opt-out of receiving more MagicBands for resort reservations.

Disney Resort Guests may opt-out of receiving additional MagicBands if the following criteria are met:
  • The Guest already has a MagicBand assigned to them;
  • One of the assigned bands is less than a year old;
  • The MagicBand order is for a resort reservation (Passholder orders cannot be declined);
Guests who do not meet the above requirements will not have the option to decline receiving a MagicBand via However, Guests may still opt-out by contacting a Cast Member.

As a side note, Guests who have opted out can opt back in any time before their order ships. In addition to that, the opt-out functionality is currently not available via the My Disney Experience mobile app.


  1. "Unfortunately, Guests that visited on a regular basis (and therefore had many old MagicBands) could not reuse them."

    Guests could always reuse old bands; I've reused past resort bands numerous times, both at the parks and at different resorts on different stays. You just couldn't opt out from getting new ones anyway. But, this is an overdue change.

  2. Correct 10:47 Anon. The old Magic bands have always worked with the new stays (Exception to the few folk who have created all new accounts for each stay.) Think of MDE application as being the vault that hold all your info. All the Magic band is, is a key to open the door into that vault. Like with a door, many keys can be cut to open that door. They may have different IDs, but they are all coded to open that same door.


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