Magic Kingdom Hub Update: New Towers Still Covered

Little by little, the expanded central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park continues to take shape, allowing even more Guests to freely walk around one of the most congested areas in any theme park. This is especially important on days like this one, when record crowds come to enjoy a day (or just an evening) in the park.
As you will see, not a lot changed since our last visit, even though tarps are finally down on Main Street and some small structures are more visible now.

Guests can once again enjoy a tarp-free view of Main Street, U.S.A. Take a look:

The removal of the scaffolding revealed a new color scheme for the facade of Uptown Jewelers:

These photos were taken just yesterday:

It was busy, but it didn't feel as busy as last year (at least in the hub):

The center of the hub looks great now:

Notice the plants and flowers adorning the area:

The new towers:

All of the new structures now have their own roof:

The new, themed shelter on the west side of the hub continues to take shape:

Time to leave the park:

And that is all for now. Thank you for your support, and see you again real soon!

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer. 


  1. Are there any dates as to when the HUB updates should be complete?

  2. There is no set date for the completion of the HUB expansion unfortunately. Disney likes to take their time to make sure everything is perfect before they open anything new. So I guess the best answer would be, "when it's ready."
    Hopefully it's soon though. Everything they've done to it looks really good. The expansion was a needed infrastructure improvement to help with guest flow.

  3. I have to say again... To the people who told me "May 2015 at the latest"... HA!

  4. You have to think it's close. Heading down in early October, it'd be nice to see it complete.

  5. May was correct for the first bit to be opened.

  6. I can only imagine the struggle to do a project like this in the middle of the busiest theme park in the world, in the middle of the busiest time of year. That said, the parts that are open, are beautifully done, and it really does help with the congestion and flow, I can't wait to see it finished. I love the "grass"-y spots during the day, for some reason I haven't seen a lot of people go in to them, and they end up being a place to almost "get away" from everyone and still be right there. Haven't been there during a show to see how jam packed they can get.

  7. Universal Built a major attraction in the middle of their park in 9 months. There's no reason a couple of planters and new walkways should take this long!!!

  8. You make this sound so easy as if Disney was building on fresh dirt. What you all must realize is what infrastructure improvements entail. Keep in mind that the Tunnels run right under the Hub. There are water management issues that need to be addressed to ensure that the Tunnels stay dry. There's also a lot of plumbing and electrical systems being installed and updated along the way, including the new show controls going into the new tech and lighting structures. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone compares Disney to Universal. I LOVE Universal, but the similarity in park and operating environments is very little. Transformers was built on a plot of land that could be drastically modified without impacting guest flow. In other words, major pathways did not have to close, and viewing areas for shows were not closed off. Most importantly, crews were able to work within the construction zone around the clock. At Disney, the entire Hub is a construction zone and major closures of large portions of the Hub would have to happen to speed up construction. Trust me when I say that Disney's seemingly slow construction timeline is, without doubt, the best possible approach to re-imagining the Hub.


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