Magic Kingdom Hub Update: Both Castle Ramps Closed

Work is well underway to complete the expansion of Magic Kingdom's central hub. As part of this major construction project, the two short ramps leading to the main entrance of Cinderella Castle were closed and partially removed (don't worry, they are just being refurbished). As we reported earlier today, the Dream Along With Mickey show will be dark until August 19 for this very reason.
Let's take a look around to check on the progress that has been done this week.

Another busy afternoon:

The hub is surely a great place to relax:

Even though the park is very busy on most days, the new walkways around the hub are not crowded:

Cinderella Castle and the nearby towers:

The other towers are still covered:

The construction zone seen from the pathway connecting Fantasyland with Liberty Square:

Construction continues on the west side of the hub:

Only the new water fountain is visible at this time. The new walkway cannot be seen from this angle:

Nearby, we noticed that even more trees were installed in the expanded Main Street Bypass:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Where did you get the Aug. 19th date from? Disney customer service says July 20th was the last show.

  2. It has been confirmed internally that the show will come back on August 19, 2015.

  3. Does anyone know what they are doing with the expansion? is it just more space for people or will it hold meet n' greets/etc?

  4. The hub has been a huge traffic flow nightmare for many years. This is due to Parades, Fireworks, and people just leaving and entering the park. Disney decided to expand the hub to help with these issues while providing more space for various reasons like Fastpass+. This was a smart move on Disneys part and hopefully Disney can widen the walking space in Adventureland cause that is another traffic flow nightmare.


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