Cobra's Curse Construction Progressing at Busch Gardens

A few days ago, the official blog of Busch Gardens Tampa released some great behind-the-wall pictures of the future location of Cobra's Curse, the park's new family coaster that will open in 2016 (click here for additional information).
According to the post, demolition of the interior parts of the former Tut’s Tomb building (a walk-through exhibit) has made significant progress, even though the installation of the actual ride has not started yet. Continue reading to learn more.

A lot is going on at the Cobra’s Curse construction site! What was once Tut’s Tomb looks a lot different these days. Portions of this building will house the interior of the air-conditioned queue line.

We have also been removing some of the existing Egypt-themed columns to make way for new ride track, columns and new guest pathways. Some of the columns will even be “snakified” to match the new Cobra’s Curse theme.

On-site demolition is in full swing. The bottom terrace of Crown Colony has been removed to make way for the final brake run of the ride. Guests dining at Crown Colony will have one of the best views of the coaster.

This construction site totals 2.5 acres. Cobra’s Curse will snake its way through three trenches along the ride path.

Our next steps include pouring the ride foundations, digging trenches and installing underground utilities. Plus, our media production team will be discussing some unique elements we are incorporating into our queue line experience. All that and more to come in future blog posts.

Be sure to visit for more information about this new family attraction and more.

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