New Greeting Area for Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom

June 23, 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of Disney’s 33rd animated classic, “Pocahontas.” The film has been loved for its Academy Award-winning music, as well as its heroine, ever since its theatrical release back in 1995.
Guests can now visit Pocahontas in a new character greeting location at Walt Disney World Resort. She has traveled “just around the riverbend” to the old Discovery Island Character Landing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

The setting features a backdrop painted with the colors of the wind that is a perfect photo opp. Pocahontas greets Guests throughout the day to share her stories and adventures.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the only place for Guests to meet Pocahontas at Walt Disney World Resort. The park also features exclusive greeting opportunities with Baloo and Louie from “The Jungle Book,” Dug and Russell from Disney●Pixar’s “Up,” Rafiki from “The Lion King” and Tarzan.

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