Magic Kingdom Update: Spotlight on Adventureland (Part 1)

While work continues in the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park, the rest of the park is getting quite a lot of attention. In addition to the usual Main Street facades behind tarps (that is really becoming almost a normal sight), the former Adventureland Veranda continues to be expanded and the nearby attractions keep on receiving upgrades, like the Jungle Cruise or Pirates of the Caribbean (which is currently closed for refurbishment). Let's take a look around:

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom:

The side facade of The Emporium is behind tarps:

More tarps can be found along Main Street, U.S.A.:

Parade Audience Control/Crowd Control Cast Members at Magic Kingdom have been wearing new costumes for a while now. Here's how they look like (the pants are the same, the red vest is new):

Time to explore other realms:

In Adventureland, work is well underway to expand the former Adventureland Veranda:


The theming of the building is already fantastic as is:

A side view of the area:

The old entrance:

The rest of the land:

Let's enjoy the refurbished Jungle Cruise:

All the props and Audio-Animatronics look fantastic:

One elephant seems to have been removed, though:

Ginger snaps:

Refurbished rocks:

The new color of the water is quite strange:


  1. Any news on when the tarps on Main Street Will be removed? I plan on going early August and I'm hoping those aren't there by then. Thanks! Keep up the updates! Love checking the site everyday for new updates and reports. You guys are awesome!!

  2. The Magic Kingdom is one big joke. It's all ripped up, Main street has had tarps for years. Walt would of never let that happen, Looks terrible.

  3. All the parks are Tarps and Green walls.. Finish something already!!!!!!!! Trip of a lifetime? I think not unless you like construction!! Paying a lot of money to look at Construction..Bummer

    Our Beautiful Disney is a Construction site now.

  4. You don't refurbish things...people complain. You refurbish things...people complain. There's no pleasing people.

    I'd much prefer a few tarps and walls occasionally instead of chipped/faded paint, missing letters on signs and faulty animatronics.

  5. Please spread the word on how terrible it looks and what a joke it is so it won't be so crowded on my family's our wonderful trips!

  6. Totally agree with the last two Anonymous posters. People gripe over a few burned out light bulbs but then they gripe about refurbishments. Personally, I can't wait to see the walls and tarps again.

  7. I wonder where these people were going 20 years ago. WDW has always been full of construction walls, tarps, etc.

  8. People who are getting mad with all the construction work, I understand that. But just because of tarps and walls, doesn't mean your trip is ruin. The rides are working and when I went last August, there was just as much construction work but none of my photos were ruining and the experience was just as amazing as the last few times I've been. I'd rather have construction work to get things sorted out than to see things not getting fixed up.

  9. I love the new red vests that the parade control cast members wear. They're easier to notice during the busiest times of the day and night.

    As for the complainers, get a life.

  10. There is a forum on another site where they track broken animitonics, and burned out light bulbs. They toss in chipped and worn paint for good measure too.

    These parks are a giant operating city. When you go to Manhattan, you see construction, when you go to Cedar Point, you don't... Oh wait, they are closed 6 months out of the year!

    I vote that the parks remain being fixed up, expanded, and reworked because it is (almost) always worth it. The hub is looking great, larger restaurants is always a good thing, etc.

    So long as the parks are alive an healthy, we have a great future. Once they stop construction and start letting them go down, we will begin talking about "way back, when the parks were great" and I never want to get to that day when looking back on the parks is better than the parks are today, or heading into the future.

    I hesitate to use the term Golden Age when dealing with the parks, but it feels like we are close... polished and cleaned up MK, new areas and redo of HS, and all of the work at AK... find a way to get something done at Epcot, and the parks in 5 years will feel brand new.


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