Disney Parks Around the World Officially Ban Selfie Sticks

As you might have heard in the past, Disney Parks in Florida and California recently banned selfie sticks from being used on rides and attractions. Today, a Disney Parks spokesperson confirmed that soon Guests will not be able to use selfie sticks at all when inside the parks. Here's the official statement:
We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for our Guests and Cast.

Therefore, like many other venues, Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks and DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park will no longer permit selfie sticks* effective June 30, 2015. Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland theme parks also will be included in this policy change, effective July 1.

When selfie sticks are observed at Guest screening, Guest Screening runners will escort the Guest to Lost and Found nearby (operated by Guest Relations). Guest Relations will tag the device and give the Guest a claim ticket to retrieve it upon exiting the park.

If a selfie stick is discovered inside the park, Cast Members and Park Leaders will explain the policy and escort the Guest to a regional Guest Relations location. Guest Relations will tag the device and give the Guest a claim ticket to retrieve it upon exiting. Runners will transport the tagged devices to Guest Relations at the main entrance for Guest pickup upon exiting.

Capturing cherished Disney memories via photography is always encouraged when visiting Disney Parks. Cast Members will continue to assist Guests when taking photos, just as they have always done.

* A selfie stick is an extension pole with an attachment for a camera or mobile device. The sticks typically are extendible up to a few feet with a clamp on one end to hold the device in place.  


  1. YESSSSSSSS!!!! This is Disney's biggest achievement in years! Now the next step is for them to ban little girls from wearing Elsa dresses...

  2. Now Universal just needs to do the same.

  3. I've never used a selfie stick, but I don't see why others using them is such a big deal. What am I missing?

  4. The biggest issue that I'm aware of is people using them on attractions! Not only is that completely unsafe, that's even more flashes to ruin the dark rides. As the saying goes...'Common sense ain't all that common'.

  5. Try to imagine a busy evening in the park. The parade is finished and as you follow the crowd down Main street, you get hit in the head by someone's selfie stick! Even worse someone hits a young child in the face while the child is on her father's shoulders. These sticks are a menace, and should be banned anywhere where there are crowds of people! Way to go, Disney!

  6. I'm not someone who thinks they're the downfall of society, but it's easy to see how carrying around what is essentially a golf club is not safe, especially when it's often swung around in the air as they try to get a good background.

  7. Sure, it's a safety issue on rides. It's also a safety/courtesy issue in general areas, but no more than strollers, scooters, or pirate swords. The difference is:

    People + In-park Sword Souvenirs = $$ for Disney

    Scooters/Strollers = families in parks = higher attendance = $$ for Disney

    Parks - selfie sticks = more people driven to PhotoPass and Memory Maker = $$ for Disney

    I agree with the ban, as those stupid things are the very symbol of how narcissistic and selfish society has become. But I'm sure someone pointed out the additional money to be made by banning them.

  8. I don't see this ban as being a huge moneymaker for Disney. Cast members have always been more than happy to take pictures for people that don't use Photopass/Memory Maker. At least that was our experience on our last family trip.

    I totally agree with the ban. If people would act more responsible with them it wouldn't be an issue, but they've already shown their refusal to follow the rules when it comes to using them on rides- a definite safety hazard.

  9. The selfie sticks are disruptive to other audience members for shows such as Fantasmic for example. I couldn't believe how many people had them when I was there in March. As soon as the show started, all the selfie sticks went up in the air blocking the view of other guests. All you see are people's phone screens recording the show. That's just one example of probably a million that led the company to make their decision. I was hoping they'd get banned. If you want get a picture with everyone in your group, just ask any of the thousands of guests around you. They'll be more than happy to take the picture for you.

  10. Was in the park today and saw countless selfie sticks. This is an unenforceable "ban".

  11. Nick Corjay - you have to read the article(s). The ban doesn't go into effect officially until June 30th. The ban is completely enforceable, and they won't let you enter the parks with selfie sticks.

    They're a fad that's going to die out quickly in general anyway.

    Yes, a guest or two might sneak one in, but when they try to use it, they'll be stopped. But by and large, you won't see them in the parks starting on June 30th.


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