Orlando Theme Park News Team Heading to Europe

After almost a decade, part of the Orlando Theme Park News Team will finally be able to return to Europe to visit just some of the gorgeous theme parks (and beautiful countryside areas) that were the original sources of inspiration that lead the creation of this very site. In fact, if it weren't for places like Europa-Park, Parc Asterix, Disneyland Paris, or Gardaland, this site might not exist today.
While we'll finally enjoy some time off, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, you should be aware of the fact that we might not be able to respond to most emails sent in the next few days. While plenty of members of Orlando Theme Park News will still be in Florida, the Administrator will not be able to respond within 24 hours from the time the message(s) is/are sent.

That said, plenty of news and updates will continue to be posted regularly. Some will be posted remotely (including photos of some of the place we will visit), while others will be posted by members that will remain in Florida (like our dear friend Alexander, who continues to support us).

When we come back, we will have plenty of photos of the following parks to share with our Readers:
  • Disneyland Park Paris;
  • Walt Disney Studios Paris;
  • Parc Asterix;
  • Europa-Park.
In addition to photos, we plan on posting in-depth articles comparing the various parks we will visit to the attractions and theme parks present here in the Central Florida area. That should be interesting.

NOTE TO ORLANDO ATTRACTIONS: We will not be able to attend any media events until mid-May.


  1. Cool one day i would love visiting them parks. i think some of them got new things opening in 2015 also.

  2. That is awesome and af a great European adventure but why not visit the most beautiful theme park in Europe, The Efteling?
    It has more unique rides and more beautiful theming then all the parks you go to combined!
    On top of that Netherlands is a stunningly beautiful country.

  3. Don, we have always wanted to visit Efteling, as we know that it is, indeed, one of the most beautiful theme parks on earth. That said, our funds are low at the moment, so we had to go with those parks (which are also amazing) due to the fact that they were closer to each other. We will definitely plan a visit to Efteling in the future, though!

  4. Have a great time! Can't wait to see your picks when you get back.

  5. Sorry Dan, but saying Efteling has more unique rides and theming than the parks you`re gonna visit combined is wayyy over the top. There is a good reason why especially Europa Park is preferred to Efteling by many people. Me for example, I even prefer Phantasialand over Efteling, but each to his own. Europa Park has develloped so well during the next years that I really think you`re gonna love it ! Have a good time an lots of fun in all of those parks ! Greeds...George

  6. Sorry...over the last (!) few years is what I wanted to wrire, of course ;-)

  7. And I think he wanted to write Don, not Dan also

  8. Do u need help with photos from Uk theme parks as I could help you out with some of them as I be going to Alton Towers in May,Gulliver's Kingdom in June. Also Drayton Manor for the fireworks in Nov. We also hope to goto Legoland and Paultons Park. If you like some trip photos and maybe videos.

  9. @Andy: We would be more than happy to feature your photos on our site! Please, let us know if you want to do that by contacting us directly using the "Contact Us" button on the menu bar! Thank you very much for your willingness to contribute to our site!

  10. I hope you have a great time at Disneyland Paris and I hope you enjoy all their great attractions and their awesome version of Space Mountain.

  11. Space mountain is closed. Last february i went to all the disney parks and unversal parks in orlando and it was great. Last week i went to disney paris. If you compair disney paris with disney orlando paris is bad. Efteling is a better place (walt disney was inspired by the efteling in his years before building his own parks)


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