Nik Wallenda Walks Above I-Drive on The Orlando Eye

On April 29, 2015, Nik Wallenda (a well-known American acrobat) did something very few people would even think about doing. Around 8 a.m., he walked on top of The Orlando Eye in front of a live audience and on national television.
Afterwards, Nik rode back to the ground on the roof of one of the capsules of the observation wheel, and was greeted back by hundreds of cheering members of the media and other Guests. Check out some photos and videos of his stunt:

The sky was overcast that morning. The wind also didn't help:

A large screen was set up in front of The Orlando Eye to broadcast the TODAY show, where Nik's stunt would be shown to thousands and thousands of people all around the United States:

Media members were ready:

Here's a video showing Nik walking on The Orlando Eye:

Nik riding back down (can you spot him?):

A closer look:

As seen on the video, Nik then stopped by to thank everyone in attendance:

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