New Star Wars Weekends Contest Presented by Topps

Would you like to have the chance to win a complete box of "Star Wars Galactic Files" (valued at $75.00) by participating in a fun contest? The Topps company is giving Orlando Theme Park News Readers the opportunity to do just so.
To enter this giveaway, Readers are asked to take one (or more) photos in front of the many oversized trading cards located near Darth's Mall, the temporary Star Wars-themed store now open at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

OTPN Readers may submit all their photos to the Site Administrator in the one of the following ways:
  • Through Facebook (tagging Orlando Theme Park News)
  • Through Twitter (tagging @orlando_parks);
  • If you choose not to use social media sites, photos may be sent to (please, note that your photos may be posted on our own social media accounts). 
Can't make to the park this year? No worries, you still have a chance to participate! Just use your imagination and take a photo of yourself with Star Wars-themed costumes, backdrops, or whatever else you choose. Photos can be submitted any day of the week. No purchase necessary.

Readers may share more than one photo each day for the entire duration of this year's Star Wars Weekends event (which ends June 14, 2015). The winning photo will be chosen by June 15, 2015.

Here you are photos of just some of the oversized trading cards installed around the Streets of America:

We would like to thank the Topps Trading Card company for giving us the opportunity to run this great contest. Be sure to follow their team on Facebook and Twitter, as they will also host many giveaways!

Additional information on Topps and additional ways to win:
Topps has been a licensee of Star Wars since the very beginning in 1977 when the first trading cards were released to coincide with the release of the film. Those original Topps trading cards featured the iconic blue starfield design that has since become synonymous with Star Wars. Disney has taken that vintage trading card design and created billboard signage throughout the park to help celebrate Star Wars Weekends.

Topps wants all the fans who visit Disney World during Star Wars Weekend to have fun with these oversized cards. And we'll be giving away Topps Star Wars prizes every Saturday throughout Star Wars Weekends to encourage the fun! For your chance to win a prize, just snap a pic in front of any of the cards. Then submit your photo into the comment section of the Star Wars Weekend post each Saturday on our Facebook page at for your chance to win. We'll pick one winner each week for all of the Star Wars Weekends.

UPDATE (JUNE 17, 2015): Our contest is now officially closed. The winner of the 2015 Star Wars Weekends giveaway is Twitter used @BoltzBlast! Here's the winning photo (courtesy of @BoltzBlast):

A huge thank you to all those who participated this year! We hope to see you again next year.


  1. Dang, I'm not gonna be able to participate.

  2. Why not, Anonymous? Anybody can participate, regardless if they can make it to the park or not!

  3. is the contest open to worldwide audience or just US residence?

  4. How can I, when I won't be going to the parks to take pictures in front of the cards?

  5. You don't need to be in the parks to participate, just send us a Star Wars-themed photos with you in it! We thought it would be fair to everyone, as we know only some might be able to head to Hollywood Studios this year.


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