Disney Dining Plan Enhancements Begin May 31, 2015

As part of the popular Magic Your Way Vacation Package, Disney Dining Plans continue to be Guest favorites at the Walt Disney World Resort. To improve this service, several enhancements are taking place that will expand Guest offerings and simplify the usability of the program. Starting May 31, Guests will have more flexibility and choice in using entitlements in nearly every Disney-operated food & beverage and merchandise venue throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

Below you will find additional information about the upcoming changes and additions. They include:
  1. Expanded Snack entitlements;
  2. Meal entitlements may be used as Snack entitlements (in select locations only).
The following will be included as of May 31, 2015, as eligible Snack entitlements for Guests with DDP:
  • All single-serve non-alcoholic beverages that are not in a souvenir container (single serve is equal to or less than one liter and excluding beverages sold at recreation counters);
  • All ice cream novelties;
  • All hand-scooped ice cream offerings, including sundaes that do not exceed two (2) scoops or are not served in souvenir container;
  • Additional items considered single-serve previously excluded are now included, such as Caramel or Candy Apple (with or without peanuts, excluding character-inspired apples), large Mickey Cookie, Tin Mints (1.5 oz), fresh-popped, scooped popcorn (only applies to Big Top Souvenir and Karamell-Kuche locations). Note: Pre-bagged popcorn of any kind is no longer included in the Dining Plan.
Effective May 31 at quick service restaurants and select merchandise locations (listed below), Guests may substitute one Meal entitlement for up to 3 eligible Snack plan items within the same transaction.

Example 1: Guest chooses to substitute one (1) QSR Meal entitlement for an apple, bottle of soda, and bag of potato chips (within the same transaction).
Example 2: Guest chooses to substitute one (1) DDP Table-service Meal entitlement for three eligible snacks (within the same transaction).

Resort locations where the meal entitlement conversion will be available starting May 31, 2015:
  • Artist's Palette
  • BayView Gifts
  • Beach Club Market Place
  • Calypso Trading Co.
  • Conch Flat
  • Donald's Double Feature
  • Dundy's Sundries
  • Everything Pop
  • Fittings and Fairings
  • Fulton's General Store
  • Ink and Paint
  • Jackson Square
  • Johari Treasures
  • M. Mouse Mercantile
  • Maestro Mickey
  • Moana Mercantile
  • On the Boardwalk
  • Panchito's Gifts and Sundries
  • Sandy Cove
  • Seashore Sweets
  • Settlement Trading Post
  • Sport Goofy Gifts and sundries
  • Wilderness Mercantile
  • Zawadi Marketplace
Park locations where the meal entitlement conversion will be available starting May 31, 2015:
  • Big Top Souvenir (Magic Kingdom)
  • Confectionary (Magic Kingdom)
  • Prairie Outpost (Magic Kingdom)
  • Karamell-Küche (Epcot)
  • Beverly Sunset (Disney's Hollywood Studios)
  • Writer's Stop (Disney's Hollywood Studios)
  • Mombasa Marketplace (Disney's Animal Kingdom)
  • Candy Cauldron (Downtown Disney)
  • Goofy's Candy Co. (Downtown Disney)

- The price of a Mickey cookie exceeds five dollars—is that still considered a Snack?
Yes. If the item falls within the guidelines stated within the updated business rules, then it is considered a Snack, regardless of the price.

- Is the pre-bagged Kettle Korn still considered a Snack?
No. The only popcorn considered a Snack is fresh-popped and scooped by the location.

- Can I exchange my Meal entitlement for two Snack options now and one later?
No. If Guests choose to exchange their Meal entitlements for Snack entitlements, the exchange
must be completed in the same transaction.

- Can I exchange my Meal entitlement for two snack options?
Yes. Guests may exchange the Meal entitlement for one, two, or three Snack-eligible items.

- Can I exchange my table-service Meal entitlement on the Dining Plan for the snack option?
Yes. Guests may exchange any Meal entitlement on any plan for one, two, or three Snack-eligible
items (the maximum number of snack is still three).

Updated signage to reflect some of these changes will be in place starting June 4, 2015.


  1. Hi, could you clarify please, i can use 1 quick service credit, for 3 snacks, at any of the locations listed?

  2. Correct. The official Walt Disney World announcement specified that Guests may exchange either one (1) Quick-Service entitlement OR one (1) Table-Service for three (3) eligible snacks.

  3. So can I trade 2-3 qs for 1 ts meal?

    1. No, 1 ts or qs for up to 3 snacks. Your trading down.

  4. Unfortunately, we cannot answer your questiont. We want to avoid guessing, so we suggest you check with the Walt Disney World Resort for additional information on that (407-WDW-DINE).

  5. That's correct. You cannot go the other way around (trading 3 snacks for a Table-Service meal is not allowed at this time).

  6. Option of appetizer instead of desert would have been nice.

  7. Here's a question. I am traveling in November and on the Deluxe Dining Plan. That is 3 QS or TS meals per day.

    If I want to trade in a meal for extra snacks, is it considered a QS trade in or a TS trade in?

  8. You can trade in any of them (either the TS or the QS entitlements) for snacks. We definitely suggest trading QSR entitlements, though, as you'd get the same number of snacks (3) that you would by trading the TSR entitlements (which are more valuable). It's your choice, though.

  9. The pamphlets for the Dining plan have always had a very short list of snacks, 20oz drinks, ice cream novelties etc, but the purple DDP logo is actually next to a large range of menu items, from soup to ice cream sundaes & dole whip.

    I hope although more things are now listed as snacks it doesn't mean the DDP logo is suddenly going to disappear from some of the better value items such as the hand-scooped ice cream cookie sandwiches.

  10. Why would anyone ever trade a QS meal for snacks - nevermind a TS!?!

  11. Is it true that kids (Age 3-9) can redeem their counter service credits for an adult meal?

  12. Can you provide a supporting reference to "The official Walt Disney World announcement." Redeeming a meal credit for a "continental" meal comprised of two snacks and a drink (i.e. three snack items) has long been allowed at resort food courts, but if Disney is actually expanding and formalizing the usage, that's certainly news. But you seem to be the only one reporting this change.

  13. @Last Anonymous: All of this has been announced internally, so there is no public press release to link to at this time. I am sure they will announce it to the general public on or before May 31 on the official Disney Parks Blog.

  14. Trading one CS for 3 GOOD value snacks is hardly a trade-down, particularly if, as noted by another commenter above, they keep items such as the hand scooped ice cream cookie on the list.

  15. "Anonymous said...
    Why would anyone ever trade a QS meal for snacks - nevermind a TS!?!"

    I can't tell is the above was meant to be sarcastic or serious. But, lots of good reasons.

    Why should someone be stuck with crappy fast food instead of ordering 3 delicious cupcakes...

    A stranger once bought me breakfast because he had extra QS credits to use on checkout. Under the new rules, he probably could have used it for candy or other more durable items to take on his travels home.

  16. Fulton's General Store ??? this is the shop at POR surely this should be Riverside Mill Food court ?

  17. At POR both Fultons store and Riverside allowed us to convert QS meals to snacks.

  18. To answer your question asking why someone would ever trade a TS credit for three snacks... Tonight we ha a wonderful signature (2 credit) meal at Citricos. It was absolutely delicious. Upon leaving the restaurant we discovered we were only charged 5 TS credits for our party of 5 instead of 10!!!!! We did tell the hostess and she said it would be easier to just enjoy the extra 5 credits instead of changing our bill. Great right? Well we are at the end of our stay and don't need any more credits so u set the circumstances we will be getting 15(!!!!) snacks as we check out tomorrow. Cookies, fudge, cake, pretzels, sodas, etc, etc, etc. whoopie!!!!


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